Seduced Straight Guys Jaybo 4th plus Mitch

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Description2006-07-07 | This, as you can tell by the title, is Jaybo's 4th shoot. For Mitch, who is playing a minor role this round, it's his 5th.

The way this shoot came about is almost exactly the same way as Jaybo's last shoot - a phone call out of the blue, headed off with "Ahh... I'm broke and need to earn some money, do ya have any work going?" Of course, for Jaybo, the answer is always "yes", it's just a matter of finding out how far he is willing to go.

If you don't already know, Jaybo is one of those guys who likes his cock treated really rough. I mean, the rougher you are, the more he likes it. This is very obvious in his previous shoots and even more so in this one. No matter what Mitch does to it, no matter how much it bangs the back of his throat, Jaybo just wants it harder and rougher. In his own words, he's a dirty bastard.

The thing that I like about this guy is his attitude. He lays back and has his cock serviced while sucking down a coldie, it's as casual as a guy sitting back watching a footy match. It's really horny to watch, so damn blokey. But then he will get up and grab the back of ya head and start ramming it down harder on his cock as if to say "this is how I want it done", while keeping his other hand still wrapped around his rum and coke. He knows how he likes it.
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