DirtyTony - Marten James Fucks Tyler Griz

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DescriptionMarten James is trying to bulk up a bit, and one of the first steps to his workout program is to take a few measurements so he can track his progress. Marten already has a pretty low body fat percentage, so he’s more interested in tracking his muscle growth, so he asks his buddy Tyler Griz to wrap a tape measure around certain body parts. Tyler is pretty happy to oblige, and grabs the tape measure to get down to it. Marten flexes his biceps which measure in at 13?, and rock hard, as Tyler notes. They work their way down Marten’s body as he sheds his clothes for a more accurate measurement. Then its Tyler’s turn to check out his progress, but about the time he gets down to Tyler’s legs, things start coming up that are better measured with a mouth than a tape. Marten gets right down on it, sliding his lips down Tyler’s shaft as his underwear fall to the floor. Then a pause for some hot lip locking before Marten starts trying to stretch his throat out to take more of Tyler’s rod in. Then Tyler turns the tables and works his lips down Marten’s body until they get to his crotch, which by now is holding a throbbing cock that needs to be unleashed. Tyler gets Marten’s rod standing tall in moments as he throats down hard on it. Tyler’s expert oral skills then get put to use on Marten’s tight hole as he jams his tongue past his flexed ring. Just when it looks like Tyler might be plunging his cock into Marten’s hole, Tyler jumps onto all fours and throws his ass in the air. Marten is happy to get his tongue into Tyler’s butt crack before taking a dive into his hot hole. Marten eases his raw cock into Tyler’s hole until he’s balls deep before commencing to pound his ass. Tyler is clearly loving the way Marten is pounding his prostate as he presses into Marten’s thrusts. Then Tyler flips onto his back so Marten can grind him balls deep. By the time Tyler straddles Marten’s cock, both studs are starting to edge close. Then Tyler tips over the edge as he blows a massive load all over Marten’s chest and abs. Then Tyler jumps down and services Marten’s cum filled nuts, and Marten launches a huge load that flies onto his chest to pool with Tyler’s load. Tyler happily laps it all up while Marten basks in the pleasure of it all.

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