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Bijan follows Amir into a cold, abandoned basement in an East Berlin public housing complex. When they finally find a tucked away corner, Amir cuts to the chase, turns Bijan around, pulls his pants down to his knees, and shows him his true love of ass. With Bijan bent over, holding himself up with his thick, hairy thighs, Amir begins to worship his buddy's tight, hairy, brown hole. Spreading Bijan's cheeks open, Amir studies his ass, slapping it, spitting on it and sucking it into his mouth. After Amir has his fill of ass play, he stands, turns Bijan around on his knees and begins to feed his friend the length of his meaty tool. Still craving ass, Amir bends Bijan over and begins to slowly work his huge raging hard-on into Bijan's tight but willing hole.

Watch as Bijan's ass expands and contracts as Amir's gigantic cock works him over. If you love real men indulging in heavy assplay and intense close-up fucking, you need to add this to your list of favorite fuck sessions.

Watch blond, smooth skinned, German muscle bottom Marcus Muller and the tall, hairy chested, bearded, chiseled Marcos Melo go at it in a sex dungeon in grimy East Berlin. Marcos' cock is a site to behold. Its thick, veiny shaft ends in an oversized mushroom, meaty head. From the beginning it is apparent that the seemingly innocent pale skinned German boy is no stranger to huge cocks and expertly works its length and girth into his mouth, teasing Marco's outsized head with his tongue, slurping at the tip and swallowing down to its thick base, nestling his nose into Marcos' dark, pubes.

But the real action in this darkly erotic scene is in the fucking. Marcus has clearly had his share of practice as he gladly takes Marcos' huge cock from behind, standing up, and then in a sling. Marcos' strong, dark, muscled love shows him no mercy as he shoves his tool all the way in, grinds deep up into Marcus' creamy white ass, pulls it all the way out and slams it back in again. Listen to the German groan as his dark tall stud cock teases and pounds his tight blond hole.

Robert Brankov shows us just how well a boy can take a huge cock and love every minute of relentless pounding. You will instantly recognize in Robert the signs of a true, unrepentant, cock hungry bottom. Watch as he eagerly spreads his ass open, proudly displaying his tight, pink, perfectly smooth hole. Patrick, his companion in this East Berlin fling, is a tall, dark, blue eyed, Middle Eastern implant that seems to have found the land of Milk and Honey in Robert's fat, rock hard, uncut cock and huge, round ass that can take and take and take... from above, and behind, and harder and faster, never getting enough, grinding, gasping asking for more. Robert is a star performer, a bottom that begs for a huge hard ass slamming each and every time. He gets what he wants, and you will love to see these two studs please each other as only two men can, until the very, cum soaked end.

Bijan, the tight, young Turkish bottom who lives in Berlin seems to have picked the right place to live given his love of huge, thick dicked muscle daddy tops. It appears that Bijan has spent the night at Axel's apartment. When the two wake up, Axel heads to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and Bijan follows him in with something different on his mind. This scene shows once again how a boy's tight little hole can get stretched and worked with reckless abandon. Axel Ryder is a daddy lover's dream. Huge cocked, thick chested, muscle bound and bald, Axel feeds little Bijan his thick cock.

Teasing him with his mushroom head he then turns little Bijan around and begins to loosen his tight hairy hole, spitting, licking, and working Bijan loose to make sure that he is ready for what is about to come. Watch Bijan's hole take the length and width of Axel's thick tool as his face grimaces, his voice groans and his hole twitches to the merciless grind of Axel's forceful hip thrusting power fuck.

The sexual heat in this scene will keep you coming back to witness this highly charged sexual adventure time after time. Mack Manus is a true East German stud, and in this scene with the young, dark, smooth and toned Matteo, you will experience what all of us dream about: Hot, relentless, ass pounding, man on man fucking.
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