♺ Laguna Pacific - Cousins (1983)

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1 Billy is visiting his cousin Matt and they have to spend the night together on a couch-bed in the jockey shorts. Billy can't stand his sexual tension so he starts to suck on Matt's dick. Matt protests and sleeps on the floor but now he has gotten aroused himself and he goes back to Billy. Billy gives a rim job, pounds his ass for Matt's first time, then the two give juicy loads.

2 Beside a pool Matt orders a pizza which Scott Roberts delivers. Matt doesn't have enough for a tip so he offers a beer and a swim. Scott accepts but doesn't have a swim suit handy so he skinny dips instead. This time, when Scott makes a pass at him, Matt doesn't protest. Scott gives a blow job, a rim job and then lets Matt take a dip in Scott's honey pool.

3 Lance Whitman and Tony Kidd are cleaning Cory Adam's house. Cory (Scott's cousin) yells at the other two for making to much noise. He then proceeds to offer $200 for sex with the two but they end up with a $300 agreement. Every body is dick crazy in this three-way but Tony ends up being the receiver for most of it and gets his own ass cleaned out by Cory and Lance.

4 Friends Matt Ramsey, Steve Rodgers, Brad Foxx, and Rick Lane go camping and discuss a circle jerk before going to sleep. The next day they go horseback riding and decide to get some naked sun. Steve sucks his own dick and then hides it from the sun by putting is up Matt's ass, accompanied by loud encouragement from Matt. Beside the two, Brad and Rick 69. There is a lot of sex going around with Rick getting mounted by Steve and with loads of jism flying into Matt's face and everywhere else.

5 Scott Roberts is picked up by Allen Chris and John Andrews on their way to a picnic in the mountains. Scott eats Allens butt and lunches on Allen's and Johns sausage. Allen rims Scott and then two two boys fuck Scott until they cum for desert.

6 Lee Landis visits Allen's home and they get out porn magazines and beer for use in front of the fireplace. Lee chooses straight porn and won't let Allen touch him as the two jack off together.

7 Allen and Lee set off into the mountains and Allen brings out the porn rags again. They both start to jerk themselves off but then Allen offers to substitute his mouth for Lee's hand. Lee accepts this arrangement. After some oral sex, Allen suggests his ass hole would be better yet so Lee fucks him is several positions.

8 Matt drives off to the woods for some private j/o but visions of Brad Foxx and Steve Rodger doing the same come to his mind.

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