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Black Pack III

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DescriptionChaosMen – The Black Pack III

Ross: Solo
Ross is in the fitness business and it sure shows. He has a great body and cock that matches. It is so straight, you could likely use it as a ruler, but why would you, when there are more interesting things to do with it!

He has done a solo before, so he performs great, showcasing to you all, and is really turned on by being filmed. He was supposed to do an oral video, but after the solo had a family emergency. He did however come back a month or so later, so a Serviced video is coming soon!

Carmine & Ross Serviced
If you pay attention to production dates at the beginning, you might notice that this video was shot several months after Ross did his solo. He really debated a long time about doing the oral. It wasn't that he didn't think he could get hard or cum, just more worried what everyone else would think.

He finally decided people were gonna like him or not like him no matter what he did in life, so he kind of had an epiphany of sorts that broadened his range. So he texted me up saying that he was eager to get back in, ASAP as these things go, and I knew his Solo was going to be airing very soon and always like to bookend the solo with the oral video the following Wednesday.

I booked him in very quickly, which I don't do often because of the cost, and thought I would do the oral video since it was very last minute. He was comfortable with me, and actually thought it might be fun, but I was looking at the release schedule, and really wanted to mix things up. I just couldn't think of who I had local that could be on call so quickly.

A couple days before shooting with Ross, I was actually delivering to Carmine some of the used furniture that was piling up. He got himself a new apartment, and literally all he had was a suitcase of clothing and nothing more. Extra furniture goes to models or to one of the local charities, so this time it was Carmine's turn to score bedroom and living room furniture. He was so happy his apartment was not so sad looking.

Anyway, while moving stuff in, I realized that Carmine could easily pop in and do Ross's oral. The guy has got some amazing oral skills, and I figured he could make Ross nut pretty easily. Ross arrived and was eager and all set to do the video. Despite being eager to get head, Ross's eyes were glued to the TV. After editing the video, I kinda felt like he didn't really need to watch it so much- Carmine was working his big tool like a pro! At one point, Ross had to have Carmine stop because he was going to bust.

After making sure he wasn't gonna squirt, Carmine flipped him over and rimmed his ass. He REALLY buries his face in there, and then strokes Ross's cock so it is standing at full attention. After the ass eating, Carmine went to work on making Ross cum. Sure enough Carmine hit the right motion very quickly and had Ross popping in no time! He does a great job showing Ross ejaculating while sucking down some jizz for a protein snack!

Simon Gillmore: Solo
Simon is a full-on gay guy who has a pretty mundane day job. Some nights he dances at clubs for extra cash, and everyone is always telling him he should do porn. He was looking for something more exciting to do. He has a great body from years of gymnastics and is also pretty darn flexible.

Simon says he doesn't work out, but is "coasting" on the build he got from gymnastics. Grrr! Simon has a lot of tatts, but I dunno, I think they are kind of cool looking on him, and with his bald head and mixed-heritage, it makes him all the more exotic looking. He has big whopper of a cock on him, though he says he likes to be dominated and fucked however the guy wants him.

His cock pre-cums a lot and he plays and licks up the juice in the video. Simon's load is amazing and must have tasted good as he drizzled it into his mouth!

Allen & Simon Gilmore Serviced
Two dirty boys who love cum play! A stellar Serviced video! Simon loves to be dominated, so Allen took control. I think both guys like anal stimulation, so it took them a bit to get things going without a cock inside them. But that is about the only drawback to this video.

They start off by taking turns blowing each other, but I think when they started 69ing it, their dicks really took off. Allen blows Simon until tears come dripping out of his eyes. Allen is ready for pay back and pulls Simon to the edge of the bed so he can fuck his face properly.

Only once does Simon gag and have to pull away. Hot! Simon gets to show-off his flexibility while Allen rims his hungry hole upside down, making Simon suck on his own cock. Simon can do the splits upside down! The ending is of course what makes or breaks a video.

This video has gobs of cum play for the finale, and totally makes this video one of the best Serviced vids on the site. First Allen unloads in Simon's mouth, then sucks the cum out of his mouth. He then rolls Simon up so he can spit the jizz into his ass, then finger fucks him with his load. That is enough to put Simon over the top, who jerks his own cock till he cums. Allen then bends over, lapping up his cum, then snowballing it into Simon's hungry mouth! A taste treat for everyone!

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