Yuris part 3

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DescriptionYuris finds himself in quite a predicament. Totally nude, bent over with his nuts attached to his feet. Maybe he could untie his cock and balls, if only his wrists weren't cuffed together and tied uncomfortably high from the ceiling above him. He is in such a state all the straight cunt can do is spit insults as Dave comes in to ramp up the pain and humiliation further!

Dave shoves a ballgag into the cunt's mouth and straps it really tight so there is no chance of pushing it out. Yuris had better learn to catch breaths through his nose. Not easy when Dave goes straight for his tightly tied nads, smacking them painfully to make Yuris grunt in agony. Yet Yuris is defiant. Trying to smile and refusing to do what Dave orders. No matter, as a swift bash to the nuts gives him something to think about and makes him double over. In this position it would be rude not to go for his muscular hairy arse. Dave pulls the cheeks apart to attack the straight's precious cunt hole.

Breeder fuckers / straight hell

Arms painfully back Yuris can do absolutely nothing to stop Dave and Derek sticking pegs over his nipples. Pain shooting through his nips he can't really think when confronted by Derek blatantly saying what he is going to do to Yuris's arse. But there is something Yuris needs to know. Derek is an abject sadist. The more pain and humiliation Yuris experiences, the more Derek is turned on. Derek unleashes a raging hardon and desperately needs release. He sticks his rampant member right under Yuris's mouth to catch the drool as lubricant. The smell of piss and manly musk from Derek's cock makes Yuris retch into his gag. Drool and vom spurts from the side of the gag onto Derek's cock. Yuris can barely hold back tears. Tears which no doubt Derek would also use as lube!
Derek's cock grows larger and more fuck-hungry with every increasing moment of Yuris's misery. But Derek cannot wait a moment longer. Selfishly he sticks his proud erect member straight up Yuris's tight cunt and there is NOTHING the straight can do about it. Derek gets straight into fucking the hetero without any regard to the agony he is inflicting. You would have to be a total sadist yourself to enjoy poor Yuris moaning hopelessly into his gag. Pain in his balls, nipples and now his ruined arsehole make him holla. Yet this drives Derek on all the more, pummelling Yuris's reluctant shithole.
Derek yanks the straight's hair with his fist and MAKES him look into his eyes. That expression of hate & pain sparks a deep sadism in Derek. He wants to do Yuris over and seriously ruin him. Derek makes Yuris stare into the camera so we can all enjoy his complete and utter degradation.
Yuris would do anything, anything, to stop the fucking. He knows there is no use fighting, no use spitting insults. It will not end. Given the choice of sucking his tormentor's cock. THAT would be preferable to the endless fucking.
Sorry Yuris. It's just not your day. With a cock in his mouth the arse has become available for another sadist. He has to now suck Derek AND get fucked by Dave's equally large cock. Cum for you at both ends you fucking straight bastard!

Seedbonus is greatly appreciated ^^V
And deeply needed :(
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