Can-Am wrestling - Supermatch 27

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DescriptionSupermatch 27 starts out with Can-Am all-star Jimmy Dean and Guy Bolton working up a sweat at the gym. Their rigorous pre-match workout leaves both these hot studs extra ripped and horned up. Once they finish pumping iron, they head into the locker room for a quick shower where they each rub one out before they hit the ring. Bolton thinks he's in for a light practice session, but Dean quickly turns the tables and dominates his startled opponent. Dean is ruthless as he pounds Bolton with lots of chest and ab punches, nipple twisting and ball crunching. It's lights out for Bolton when Dean locks him into a tight sleeper and forces him into total submission. But once he's done toying with his prey, Dean takes things to the next level when he brings out his bag of toys.

Jimmy ties Guy to the corner of the ring, slams a ball gag into his mouth and really shows him who's boss. Bolton is exhausted and whimpering after his totally humiliating defeat, but Dean finally shows a little mercy and jerks them both off and Bolton blows a huge load while still bound up. The pace changes in the next scene when the duo head into the oil pit to cool off with an erotic rubdown. Slicked up from head to toe, Jimmy and Guy kiss, caress and explore each other's bodies with their hot, hungry mouths. Lots of hole fingering and ass eating as the hot pair head for their third climax. After they each pump out one more load, they both collapse into sleep on the mat, after a full day of working out, wrestling and cumming. Pay attention to the cameraman (Flex) who's own hard-on makes various apperances. There is an additional bonus clean-up shower scene on the DVD which was too hot to not include.
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