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Simon Beber Pack (aka Czech Hunter 184)

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    Model Name: Simon Beber
    Age: 18
    Home Town: Ostrava
    Height: 180cm/5'10" Weight: 70kg/154lb
    Foot Size: EU44/US8.9/UK8.4 Penis Size: 19cm/7.48"
    Profession/Student of: Unemployed
    Hobbies: Cycling
    Favorite Sports: Cycling
    Active Sports: Freeride
    Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Dara Rolins
    Visited Coutries: Slovakia
    Want to Visit Coutries: Poland
    Dream of My Life: To be a star!
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

[The above info is according to his Profile from 2014 on the Official WilliamHiggins Site]

Profile Intro:
    Simon Beber is from Ostrava. He is aged 18 and is currently unemployed. In his spare time Simon likes cycling and freeriding. He looks very good as he stands and poses for the camera. Lifting his tee-shirt he shows off some very nice abs, on his slim body. Then the tee-shirt comes off and we see that his chest is nicely defined. Removing his pants Simon then turns, back to camera and lowers his underwear to show off his hot ass. Bending over he reaches back and spreads his cheeks to show off his tight pucker hole. Then Simon stands straight up again, and turns to let us see his soft cock and his balls. He sits down, reclining to give us a good view of his hot body. Taking hold of his cock he then gets it nice and hard. He stands up to show it off, and it is a very good size. It stands proud as Simon poses. He then lays on his back, with his legs up in the air. That hot ass is shown, and the cheeks are spread to give another view of his hot hole. More wanking gets his big dick good and hard again. He is a very good looking guy and really shows himself off very well indeed.

File List:
    SimonBeber 2014-01-21 ST8H-Spanking with BorekSokol.mp4 [400MB]
    SimonBeber 2014-01-28 Session Stills Solo.mp4 [224.07 MB]
    SimonBeber 2014-02-01 HelpingHand with BorekSokol.mp4 [544MB]
    SimonBeber 2014-02-08 ScreenTest First Time with PacoMlaticka.mp4 [419.21 MB]
    SimonBeber 2014-02-26 Wank Party #1 2014 (HonzaOnus MilanNeoral RomanMadlec).mp4 [710.14 MB] *
    SimonBeber 2014-02-28 Wank Party #1 2014 BACKSTAGE.mp4 [551.20 MB] *
    SimonBeber 2014-05-31 FullContact Fucks JarmilSladky Raw.mp4 [375.88 MB]
    SimonBeber 2014-10-01 FullContact Fucks RadoZuska Raw.mp4 [575.94 MB]
    SimonBeber 2015-03-10 CzechHunter184 - First Time Bottoming.mp4 [416.17 MB]
* The Wank Party are the only scenes that contain the use of condoms.

He's been a Top in all the scenes he shot with WilliamHiggins.....so imagine my surprise when they released his Czech Hunter Scene where he gets fucked for the first time raw on Camera!! >___< I think he's pretty good-looking....but you can all judge for yourself, and check him out in this Collection!

Enjoy his (in)complete journey on WH for now....and hopefully he will come back for more....or he may even join other studios~ ^_^ and finally if there's any other videos of him that I missed....please share with us below too, it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks~
Have Fun! and don't forget to Comment as well as share some well-appreciated bonus points, Thanks!!! xD

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