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MormonBoyz – Elder Lindsay – ORDINATION

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DescriptionElder Lindsay’s setting apart was a part of the initiation process he wasn’t sure he could handle, but the brethren he serviced told him they were pleased to have such an eager little cock sucker.
The boy was passed from one man to the next, with each taking turns sheathing their dicks in Elder Lindsay’s sweet mouth. One by one they shot their loads on his innocent, eager face.
Needless to say, Elder Lindsay was invited to return to the temple the following day.
When Elder Lindsay arrives at the Temple, he’s instructed to go into a room he’s never seen before and wait until otherwise notified. The room is bathed in bright, white light and it makes Elder Lindsay feel warm. He has thought of little else since he first learned about The Order, and now here he is. This is the last and most important step.
He absent-mindedly begins to rub his cock through his trousers.
He can feel the shaft hardening easily as he fantasizes about the thousands of boys who had the priesthood fucked into them by handsome older priesthood leaders in this very room.
He unzips his pants and begins to run his hand up and down his dick. Just then, the door opens. Lindsay fumbles to zip up.
“You don’t need to be putting that away,” A familiar voice says. “Today is your Ordination, you better show me everything you can do with that cock, boy.”
It is Bishop Angus, the muscle daddy who so masterfully dominated Lindsay’s tight hole during his inspection.
As Angus pulls the boy to this thick body for a kiss, Lindsay starts to swoon. This man will be filling Elder Lindsay with his seed and through this ordinance he will give him the power of higher priesthood.
Angus slowly undresses Lindsay, running his hands across his tight young frame. He spins Lindsay around and eases him onto the couch. Lindsay’s dick begins weeping precum as he feels Angus’ thick tongue press against his asshole. Angus’ beard rubs against the boy’s cheeks and Lindsay moans with pleasure. Soon, Angus’ thick fingers join his tongue, teasing the boy open.
“I want you ready for my dick,” Angus grunts. “I want you prepared to take all of me.”
Angus disrobes quickly. His excitement and desire is palpable and Lindsay doesn’t need to even turn around to know that his massive cock is erect and ready to plow deep inside the boy.
Lindsay feels Angus’ throbbing head teasing his hole and he pushes out, ready to accept anything powerful man will do to his body.
“Fill me, please,” he begs. And he knows from experience that Angus won’t disappoint.
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