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♺ BadMasterBoys - Sent Off Master Skaret

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-01-11 |
Master Skaret is passionate about playing football.  On the pitch, he wipes the smile off  his opponentsÂ’ face. Master Skaret always gives it his all.

Not for the first time, Master Skaret has committed a brutal foul today. The Referee wastes no time in sending him off.  Red carded, he faces the prospect of a ban lasting weeks.  There is no way that Master Skaret recognises that he has been at fault.  He wants to have a word with the referee and pursues him as he goes home.

‘YouÂ’re going to take that red card backÂ’ demands Master Skaret, who still  hasnÂ’t got changed out of his kit  after the match. But the referee isnÂ’t overawed by the footballer intruder.  Her had a perfect view of how Mater Skaret  licked his opponents in the legs.  ‘ThatÂ’s exactly what happenedÂ’  says the referee and aims to chuck his unwanted guest out. 

Skaret gives a nasty grin and saysÂ’ IÂ’ll show you how things really  areÂ’ .  Before the referee can do anything about it,  -slap, slap, - he has to take two painful slaps to the face. WhatÂ’s more, thereÂ’s nothing he can do to stop being spat in the mouth.
ItÂ’s  as if Master Skaret is going into the third half. He wants to beat  the idiot Schiri down.  Right down.  And he wants the damn idiot to take back the red card. There are no holds barred  in making sure that happens.  The loser has to suffer, itÂ’s going to get really nasty for him.

Master SkaretÂ’s secret weapons are his sweat soaked football  kit  and his sweaty feet. Schiri  is made to lick the dirt from his masterÂ’s football boots.  Schiri also has to get to know Master SkaretÂ’s  shinguards,  his hugely dirty socks and his nastily smelly feet. There are slaps to the face along the way too. Master Skaret also enjoys  hawking up some snot and taking pleasure in spiting this into his slaveÂ’s mouth.

But things get even nastier.  The football master takes off his shirt and makes his victim lick his sweat-soaked armpits.  Later on, Schiri has the young football godÂ’s freshly cut toenails  stuffed into his mouth.  Together with helpings of snot, he is supposed to chew them and then swallow them.  As an extra treat,  Master Skaret conjures up a couple of bogies from his nose. The loser has to lick the nasty bogies  off his masterÂ’s fingers.

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