Gettin' Down (Bijou)

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DescriptionThis mid-1970's gay porn gem tells the story of a country boy's encounters in the big, bad city and him, subsequently, finding true love.
Our young curly-haired hero treks outdoors, the incredible vistas of big mountain ranges and fertile valleys providing a backdrop to his solo play, as he proceeds to furiously stroke his big throbber, causing his mushroom head to explode in relief.
Looking for some man-to-man action in the big city, his truck inconveniently breaks down, forcing him to spend several days in the wicked inner city. Paralleling his quest for fulfillment is the story of a sexy, macho, mustached stud who's experiencing a break-up with his lover of five years.
His former beau packs his belongings to the soulful, soaring vocals of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" as he clears the bathroom of lube and Vaseline, and the freezer of LockerRoom amyl nitrate!
The director (Lancer Brooks, a.k.a. Tom DeSimone) uses minimum dialogue and visuals to achieve the greatest and most profound sense of loss here: the stud's twitching hands, his fighting back the urge to wave his ex back as he drives off (which is poignant and moving), as well as sheer brilliance. Unwilling to sulk and suffer, he tries to throw himself back into the dating game by calling a humpy escort.
His nervousness is palpable as they both delay the reason for the visit, until the wine, cigarettes and marijuana have their desired effects, and the two men finally kiss. Tender and passionate, these are two gay guys who obviously like sex with other men, and especially one another.
The inhaling of poppers takes on the aura of religious ritual as they share the bottle and mutual massages, their sensual communion set to one of the finest soundtracks this reviewer's ever heard.
In one of those all night fuck sessions, they trade blow jobs and butt banging with open, warm gusto. Both are handsome, muscular, and thick dicked; their sex play is beautifully captured and a turn-on to view.
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and, with a disconcerting and jarring note, the mercenary nature of their relationship is introduced; we are startled by its abruptness and disappointed in its inevitableness.
Meanwhile, our country boy gets picked up by a young, compact man driving a Benz and is squired back to a mansion. Again, the tension, awkwardness and vulnerability of pick-ups is showcased as they, too, use wine, pregnant pauses, and even backgammon, to delay their real purpose.
Summoning courage, the host breaks the ice and kisses our hero, who responds warmly and with eagerness. These sexy men 69, and our country lad bangs the stud's behind soundly before they both cum in a satisfying sprayfest. After deep tongue-kissing, our hero is surprised with payment of two hundred dollars and his partner rushing him out of the house.
Again, the jarring note of a money-tinged relationship sours the preceding enjoyment, and leaves our hero saddened and disappointed.
Wandering aimlessly, he is picked up by two pot-smoking hippies in a van. To a fabulous disco soundtrack, they cavort raunchily and unabashedly, forming a three-way suck chain. The country lad fucks the bearded, older stud and after much cum guzzling, they put their clothes back on and kid the country boy out of the van, stealing his wallet in the process.
Discouraged and dejected, he wanders on a beach, fruitlessly seeking the meaning of all his encounters and big city adventures. Naturally, our mustached stud is walking this same beach with the same philosophical questions plaguing him.
They come upon one another and instantly click, going to the older stud's home for affirming love-making, but not without the preliminary awkward tension that seems to precede all of the scorching sex in this film. Both men fully engage in raw, uninhibited screwing before shooting tremendous, tension-releasing loads.
Too shy and jaded to make demands of one another, they part with vague promises to keep in touch. Back on the farm, the country lad is remorseful of his time in the city and the false sense of fun, excitement and love it promised.
Walking slowly and carefully towards him is the mustached man of his dreams, come to join him in a fairy-tale ending of love at last.
A fantastic story, exquisite acting and good production values make for a video worth collecting and viewing several times. An excellent example of a vintage gay porn feature film.

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