Cross Country Part 2 (Falcon - Roman Heart)

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Descriptiondirector Chris Steele
videography Max Phillips
writer Jack Shamama
Michael Stabile

Alex Rossi
Dakota Rivers
Dean Monroe
Derrick Vinyard
Erik Rhodes
Ethan Hunter
Franco DiMera
Joe Sport
Kane O'Farrell
Matthew Rush
Maxx Diesel
Mike Power
Roman Heart
Trey Casteel
Tyler Marks

Rise to the Challenge!
The movie event of the year is here. In the tradition of Taking Flight and Drenched, Cross Country is must-see epic destination movie filmed on location in breathtaking New Zealand.
Picking up from Cross Country Part 1.
On their journey to return an ancient Maori totem to Roman Heart, Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes quickly learn things aren't as simple as seem. They come face-to-face with a sex-crazed cult that worships the flesh, a mysterious Maori guide and more ...

1. Roman Heart OgAb, Trey Casteel OrAt, Kane O'Farrell OrAt
Scared for his life, Roman Heart calls the cops. When hunky Trey Casteel and Kane O'Farrell show up, Roman gives up his ass to both of them, letting the detectives take turns filling him from both ends.

2. Matthew Rush nonsex, Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers, Ethan Hunter
Matthew Rush, looking for directions, stumbled across three surfers (Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers and Ethan Hunter). They send him on his way, but have a threesome as soon as he leaves.

3. Erik Rhodes OgAtbRr, Alex Rossi Ogr, Joe Sport OgrAb, Mike Power At, Derrick Vinyard OgrAt, Maxx Diesel OgrAbtRg
Bound by his captors, Erik Rhodes is taken back to their turf where they initiate him with an outdoor orgy. Erik Rhodes, Alex Rossi, Joe Sport, Mike Powers and Derrick Vinyard take turns fucking muscle stud Maxx Diesel.

4. Dean Monroe, Kane O'Farrell, Trey Casteel, Franco DiMera
Dean Monroe is entrapped by Roman Heart who's caught on to his boyfriend's evil plan. Dean must service officers Kane O'Farrell, Trey Casteel and Franco Dimera.
found in compilation The Best of Kane O'Farrell
found in compilation The Best of Trey Casteel

5. Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush, Roman Heart
It's the threeway that you've been waiting to see since part one: Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush and Roman Heart on a yacht racing across the Pacific Ocean.

Sensing foul play, Roman calls the cops, Kane O'Farrell and Trey Casteel. Kane is a tall sexpot of the highest order, devastatingly handsome and can suck dick and eat ass like no one else on the planet. Trey, also a knockout, is smaller in stature but no less spectacular. The dirty cops ask few questions, but offer hard evidence in the form of their dongs for Roman to contemplate. This scene is an oral tour-de-force, every man sucking and rimming like crazy, Roman getting pounded by both men in the end.
Lost again, Matthew asks beach bums Tyler Marks, Dakota Rivers and Ethan Hunter for directions, and following his departure they retreat to an apartment to have an afternoon three-way, all three sucking and rimming with abandon, Tyler and Dakota topping Ethan handily.
Erik Rhodes, Maxx Diesel, Alex Rossi, Joe Sport and Derrick Vinyard (a massive brunet jock with tats and dick for days) have an orgy in the woods. More superb cocksucking by all concerned. Then Erik, Maxx and Joe get fucked on and around a big-ass picnic table. The kicker has a huge-dicked rough dude, Mike Power, joining the group to fuck Maxx, doggy and missionary, the table creaking, Maxx moaning, as they others watch. They all stand over Erik to drench the stud with cream. The guys pass out for some post-coital slumbering (or perhaps knocked out by the sex berries). Matthew shows up, finds the sought-after totem and Erik tied to the table. Matthew bags the totem and frees buddy Erik.
Roman is pissed off that his boyfriend Dean put his friends in harm's way, so he sets Dean up a sting with the cops -- Kane, Trey and Franco Dimera. Disgusted, Roman leaves Dean to fend for himself, and heads off in search of his wayward friends. Dean, however, offers up his ass to save his ass -- an offer the horny cops do not refuse. Kane, Trey and Franco all trade blows, and then Kane power-fucks Dean, Trey and Franco.
What happened to the totem?
Does Dean go to jail?
I won't say. However, Roman, Erik and Matthew have a final three-way on a yacht as the sun sets in the background. More sucking and rimming, Matthew plugs Roman and Erik, and Erik plugs Roman. A friendship restored.
"Cross Country" is just plain massive. A masterwork for director Chris Steele, with superb leading sexual and acting performances from Roman, Dean, Erik and Matthew. The sex is consistently off-the-charts hot, and it is without a doubt one of the best releases of 2005, or any year. An absolute must-see.
DVD features (2-disc set): Chapters; behind-the-scenes footage (making-of featurettes, New Zealand highlights, interviews); gallery; cast bios (photo, stats and Falcon Family of companies videography); trailers ("Cross Country," "Heaven to Hell," "Flex" and "Up All Night") and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Butch Harris

When we left Cross Country Part 1, swarthy Matthew Rush was seeking to rescue his bodybuilder boyfriend Erik Rhodes from a "sex cult" in New Zealand. Their attempt to collect a native artifact for a friend had landed them in hot water, since smuggling the artifact is clearly illegal.
Goateed hottie Dean Monroe had manipulated his lover, the equally luscious boy-toy Roman Heart, into recruiting his friends Rush and Rhodes for the job. As Cross Country Part 2 opens, Heart finds a file documenting missing-persons reports for others who had searched for the totem. Heart reports this to authorities Kane O'Farrell and Trey Casteel. They have other, more pressing matters to address, however.
These include the fact that their hard dicks are pressing against their trousers! Irishman O'Farrell is the major find here, and Heart has no trouble whatsoever in immediately tossing his cookies. In fact, they all take turns eating out each others' ass as O'Farrell verbally directs the action with his sweet Gaelic tongue.
Heart swallows O'Farrell's shaved dick all the way to its base, and O'Farrell face-fucks Heart with his massive cock. Casteel goes to work on Heart's dick, then O'Farrell has to have some as well. O'Farrell clearly enjoys giving Heart some major oral ballwork here. And when Casteel face-fucks Heart, his balls pull up nice and tight.
O'Farrell eats Heart's ass and licks it like an Irish Setter. When Casteel penetrates Heart's ass, Heart loses his erection But the second O'Farrell takes over, his boner pops back to life! Heart does a reverse straddle on O'Farrell, and O'Farrell fucks him long and hard with jackhammer intensity. This scene is among the best from both films.
O'Farrell shoots a glob onto Heart's chest, with a residual glob dropping directly into Heart's right eye. Heart recovers from this occupational hazard in time for Casteel to work out an all-directions splasher. Heart's wide-open piss slit ejects a big, messy load to close the scene.
Next, Tyler Marks, tall Dakota Rivers and blond Ethan Hunter are running on the beach. They stop and begin nuzzling each other. They're startled when Rush stumbles upon them. It turns out that the three left the sex cult when they fell in love with each other. They tell Rush where to find Rhodes, and the scene switches to the Marks/Rivers/Hunter love-nest. The three have a daisy-chain suck and rim, followed by Marks fucking the flaccid Hunter while Rivers strokes himself on the sofa.
Marks can't give it to him as hard as he'd like it, so Hunter splits himself wide open by sitting on Rivers' hard, wide prick. The three of them finish themselves while sitting on the sofa. Hunter is first with a nice, thick spurter. Then Hunter licks Mark's balls to climax. Rivers wins the best cummer award here for his straight-up-in-the-air geyser.
Rush finds Rhodes but has to remain hidden until Rhodes finishes an orgy with the cult members. Rhodes shows off a very nice foreskin as cult members Maxx Diesel, Alex Rossi, black-haired newcomer Derrick Vinyard and meaty donged Joe Sport take turns blowing him. Butch top Rossi goes to work on the promising young Vinyard as the other two continue molesting Rhodes.
All four men take turns sliding their dicks into Rhodes' mouth in a tag-team line-up, then they all take turns sucking him. After some round-robin fucking, Mike Powers wanders in. Powers looks like he's in the wrong movie here: Thin, rough looking and tattooed, he looks like he walked in off the set of the old Titan hit Carny. However, he has the biggest cock in the movie, which is something, I guess.
Four of them take turns cumming over Rhodes, with Powers dropping a business-like creamer, Vinyard working out a juicy dripper, Rossi milking his tool with a French-twist and Sport managing the biggest load. Rhodes adds his own cum to the mix, and Diesel empties his balls at the end. As the five cult members sleep, Rush rescues Rhodes, and they escape, throwing away the totem that Rush had retrieved.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, authorities O'Farrell, Casteel and the super-stiff dicked Franco Dimera work out a plea bargain with the goateed Monroe. What they work out is a four-way on the spot.
The huge O'Farrell face-fucks Monroe, and Monroe takes it all (WOW!). Whether giving or receiving oral, O'Farrell gives it his all. One wishes that all the performers in the film could go at it with the intensity of O'Farrell and Monroe here. Even when they are paired off with others, O'Farrell and Monroe gaze at each other in a way that makes you wish they had a scene all to themselves.
This is easily the best scene in the movie, with O'Farrell doing his best seated-jackhammer thrusting on Dimera. O'Farrell is also at his best when he fucks Monroe, pulling all the way out and thrusting all the way back in many times. O'Farrell unloads a steaming jet of cum on himself to start as a warm up. Then Casteel aims a fountain of cum onto O'Farrell's arm. Dimera unloads his droplets into O'Farrell's crotch, and Monroe lands his nice load onto O'Farrell's lap as well.
At the end, Heart hooks up with Rush and Rhodes back in Aukland, where they share a tender and intense three-way on a 70-foot sailboat. The main attraction here is Heart, who, whether he is eating Rhodes' ass or getting fucked by Rush, is incredibly natural and conveys a mind-altering level of ecstasy. Rush and Rhodes unload globs onto themselves, and Heart ends the movie twisting out a massive load onto the grateful Rhodes.
While Cross Country, as a whole, is good, there are some problems. At times, the cast had an unnatural look about them. One of the special features showed the makeup artist preparing them, and that explained why the cast, at times, resembled the painted Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her. Hey, Falcon: Give the makeup guy a valium! And while, overall, the sex was hotter in Part 2, the second disc had a few obvious lighting and focusing errors that distracted.
On the whole, Cross Country is worth having and is a must-own for aficionados of the Falcon genre.
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