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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-09-19 |

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Virgin Pain 2 - A Slave re-Trained

When wayward slave Igor is recaptured after an escape attempt he is subjected to torments from his master that are both horrible and sublime.

Master Steel begins Igor's retraining by filling his guts up with a hot water bottle enema and corking him up with a butt plug while he squirms in agony and strains not to spill a drop.

Steel proceeds to force his caramel skinned slave to sit on an ingeniously designed dildo stool where he chains him down and forces him to service his gigantic cock.

Tall and sinewy Master Steel puts Igor through his paces in a montage of sexual torture scenes that Igor constantly struggles against in spite of the rock hard boner he sports throughout.

He realizes the futility of his struggle, however, when he's chained spread-eagle, blindfolded and spanked before having rows of clothespins attached to his sensitive nipples. Master Steel sucks his slave's cock to ease the pain and Igor claims to have learned his lesson but Master Steel still has some tricks up his sleeve.

Naked and exhausted, Igor is hobbled and subjected to a barrage of increasingly large and bizarrely shaped dildoes until he is completely broken to his Master's will.

Thoroughly humbled, Igor is finally allowed into bed with the Master where they stroke their impressive cocks and Igor is at last allowed the release of an unbelievable orgasm that sprays all over his chest. Now that dominance has once again been established, the two lovers are now free to collapse in exhaustion into each other's tender embrace.

Production values are at a bare minimum and the camera work is sometimes a little jerky but as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't take away from the appeal of this video one bit. It's a cheap, nasty little thrill with real men having real extreme sex.
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