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The stunning Jeremy Penn has scenes with two jaw-droppingly gorgeous latin guys in this small clip.  Lots of cock and bubble butt on display..


Jeremy Penn   
Sebastian Cruz 
Stone Michaels

2. Sebastian Cruz solo, Jeremy Penn solo
Students Sebastian Cruz and Jeremy Penn meet in the men’s room on the dorm floor, eyeing each others' cocks at the urinal. The cruising leads to a stroke session that has the two staring at each other, their two boners at attention as they squirt.

3. Jeremy Penn OrAt, Stone Michaels OgAb
Penn—the epitome of frat boy studliness—returns to the men’s room for more action. He finds Stone Michaels, who is quickly on his knees to devour Penn’s ass and cock. Penn then fucks him in a variety of positions.

2015-09-15 23:53:56
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