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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-08-19 |
Director: Alexander

Studio: Alexander Pictures
Produced: 2006
Condoms: Yes
Starring: Ramon Mendez, Samuel Jacques, Bruno Loronha, Denis Mello, Duarte Barreto, Felipe Sainz, Jefferson Galluam, Jonathan DeSousa, Leon Pavia, Pero Boteino, Pero Coresmo, Rafael Lucio, Rodrigo Jacques

Pool Side Heat is an especially steamy offering from Alexander Pictures, featuring five hardcore scenes that take place around an attractively landscaped swimming pool and backyard area. As typical of Alexander, the film begins with some establishment shots of Rio de Janeiro, a city from whom he should receive financial compensation from the Bureau of Travel and Tourism for all the magnetic free publicity his films have created.

The film offers a familiar theme: a guy wanders into an area where he sees guys having hot sex all around him, culminating with the voyeur transitioning to a participant in the film's final episode.

In this case, it is the sultry box cover model Ramon Mendez, one of Alexander's hottest properties.

He first observes a rousing three way in which Leon Pavia convinces two horse hung studs to strip and relax by the pool. Soon everyone is naked and Pero Boteino pulls himself up to sit poolside with his gigantic hard-on fully engorged needing attention.

Brown skinned Rafael Lucio gets sloppy seconds, after an extended period where Boteiro impales him, drilling him mercilessly. Watching the boyish Pavia's smooth hole swallows their big dicks is fantastic. Pool Side Heat is full of such visuals.

Lucio proves to be one of the movie's hottest tops, who knows how to throw a good, hard fuck into a bottomboy. On the other hand, Poteino's money shot is remarkable, leaving a white streak arcing up his own body like the tail of a comet.

The next episode is another three-way in which Jefferson Galvam and caucasian skinned Denis Mello (Brazilian Cum Ons) share Jonathan de Sausa. Gallvam, an Alexander newcomer, arguably has one of the most attractive cocks in the entire cast (and that's a very competitive category to say the least).

de Sausa takes turns blowing them. But it takes little time for his ass to rise into the air, and Galvam dick to start rubbing against him.

Galvam plows first, followed by Mello, who is always a hot top. As in the first scene, their outdoor plowing goes on poolside. The scene's hot finish shows Galvam giving the bottom a finishing round of ass plowing, culminating with him pulling out and shooting a big load onto de Sausa's back.

The third scene brings together two of Alexander's hot models from Jungle Cruisers for a long awaited coupling. Fantastically hung Bruno Lorohna bumps into noisy bottomboy Pero Corsema for a memorable one-on-one. Corsema starts his exercise by sitting on Lorohna's manmeat and riding hard.

His face is a mask of pain and pleasure as he moans loudly, and whimpers in Portuguese. Poor little Corsema's ass gets a pummeling, and he watches Lorohna squirt one of the heaviest loads of the film onto one of the stone statues adorning the pool.

The following episode pits another smooth bottomboy (Samuel Jacques) with two big, massively hung black Brazilians. Jacques is another hot find of the film, and his two friends bang his little butt into ribbons.

One particular hot sequence shows Jacques getting fucked in a chair by Duarte Barreto. Jacques ends up covered in three cumloads.

The final episode shows Mendez coming out of his shell, meeting the beefy Rodrigo Jacques for some poolside frolic. Jacques sucking on Mendez's erection gives cameratime to his beautiful sexual equipment. Mendez, always the top (8 Inches from Brazil), bends his friend over some statuary and plows his meaty butt.

Both guys have beautiful bodies, and it's always a pleasure to see Mendez get his nut on-screen. Actually this scene is weaker then the others. But on its own, particularly with its jaw-droppingly gorgeous models, it's fine.

Full of big cocks, bottomless bottoms and fantastic interracial combinations, Pool Side Heat is another must see entry from Alexander Pictures.
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