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Super Health Club v1 1 0 [Limited Edition] - Windows/Mac

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Description** GayTorrent.ru Exclusive **
This is the latest version of Super Health Club (v1.1.0) for Windows and Mac. It is the full version with voice acting and other updates and fixes since the beta came out. This is *NOT* the debug version that has been floating around for a while. Languages include English, Spanish (text-only) and Chinese (text-only).

It took me a bit of messing around but I managed to crack it just for the GayTorrent.ru community. Please refrain from re-uploading at other websites.

To unlock the game, choose one of the 1000+ limited edition serial keys from "shc_limited_serials.pdf" and wait for the server to activate. You must type the serial key out manually because copy-paste has been disabled in the PDF. The limited edition version unlocks the game's soundtrack in the game launcher.

-----==== Run into any problems? Please check below and in the comments first before commenting, thanks! ====-----

A few members have run into issues entering the serial or having their save games reset. This is most likely because your torrent client is preventing the launcher from gaining access to the required files or resetting them because they don't match the original torrent. Either:
1. stop seeding permanently (resuming/re-checking the torrent will reset your saved games and serial number)
2. make a copy of the game and use that instead, and continue to seed the original folder
3. stop seeding "settings.atp" and "savegame.sav" from your torrent client

** Note for Mac users **
If you get a message telling you Adobe Shockwave 11 is missing, grab version 11 from here: http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/default/english/macosx/latest/Shockwave_Installer_Full.dmg
Installing Shockwave 12 does not work, you must specifically install version 11 and ignore any messages from OSX telling you that it is incompatible with the OS, just install it anyway and the game will work.

Help? There's no text in any menus?
This seems to be a known problem with the Mac version, use the instructions I posted in comments 21-30 to run the game using PlayOnMac or use Bootcamp if you have it.
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