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BADMASTERBOYS 13300-36 Michele`s Feet and Socks

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DescriptionMaster Michele has kept his fans in suspense for a long time. In his previous videos no slave was allowed to service his divine feet. But finally the time has come: Our new BMB-slave Thomas got the chance to take care of Master Michele‘s feet with his tongue.

When the Master comes home, he finds out that his slave hasn‘t cleaned up the apartment as promised. The lazy faggot is lying on the sofa sleeping.

The slave is woken up by a harsh kick. “Get on all fours!“ Master Michele barks at his lazy victim. Now you can see sheer fear in the slave‘s eyes, because he knows what is coming up. “Normally I should really beat you up“, Master Michele threatens and kicks Thomas again.

The Master looks around. The floor is full of dirty socks and even one his boxers is lying around. So the slave is forced to pick up every single piece of laundry with his mouth like a and pile it up on the side. While Thomas tries to collect all the dirty laundry without missing anything, his Master is beating and kicking him and uses the slave as a riding horse. 

When he finally got it done, the next task is coming up. The slave has to bring all the dirty dishes and glasses into the kitchen. But Thomas is even too stupid for such a simple task. When he puts one of the glasses on the stove instead of the dishwasher, he gets punished again.

When Thomas is used as a riding horse again, he nearly collapses on his way from the kitchen to the living-room. Of course, Master Michele can‘t accept that and shows no mercy: The young sadist kicks him hard.

Back in the kitchen, the Master spots a tomato on the floor. It seems that even here his slave has failed doing the housework properly. But now it‘s too late for Thomas to pick up the tomato. Master Michele tramples on the tomato and requests his victim to lick the pulp from the floor.

When the kitchen floor is finally clean again, Master Michele goes back  to the living-room and relaxes on the sofa. Thomas‘ next task is to clean the soles of his Master‘s sneakers. “Remove every piece of dirt“, the Master orders. But since the slave gets cheeky, he is slapped right in the face.

The slave doesn‘t have the chance to really enjoy licking the sneakers, because he is too afraid of further kicks or beatings. But suddenly he really gets into it and his fear seems totally forgotten. Thomas is allowed to take off the sneakers, so he is able to inhale the tasty smell of his Master‘s socks. Since Michele has worn his socks for several days, their smell is really intense.

And it even gets better: Thomas is also allowed to take off these socks to reveal the beautiful Master feet. It‘s time for some pedicure: The slave is ordered to get some nail scissors to shorten the long toe nails. “But do it slowly and passionately!“, his Master advises.

The pile of clipped off toenails gets bigger and bigger. The Master is only grinning, looks down on his victim saying: “This could keep you supplied for a whole month.“

But now it is time for a journey with the slave tongue: Like a vacuum-cleaner, the tongue licks over the Master‘s feet, passes some valleys and rests in the caves between the toes. There it finds many nutritious things for a feet slave like Thomas: fuzz , black pieces of dirt smelling like cheese - simply delicious.


Who wouldn’t like to be in Thomas‘ place? He is the first slave to get he honour to service Master Michele‘s feet. But it was a long, painful way. Thomas had to endure many kicks and slaps in the face. Being Master Michele‘s slave means that you always have to be prepared for getting punished and tormented without warning.
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