Stripped, Jerked & Fucked In The Barn - Part 1-4

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Description  The young ranch hand knew he shouldn't have given in to that

woman's sexual fantasy.  Once she had him tied up she left him there,

bound, gagged and helpless for her gay friend to manhandle.  Now here

he was, masked to protect his identity, as he began the delightful task

of stripping the cowboy naked.  All the cowboy could do was struggle

in his restraints, moaning through his gad, as the stranger tore his clothes

from his body, fondling his smooth muscular chest and legs as he did so,

until he was left with only the torn remains of his trousers for protection.
The ranch hand knows he's defeated.  The masked man finishes stripping

him and the fight has gone out of the cowboy, he knows his fate. 

The masked man cuts away the remainder of his trousers and begins

to slowly rip and tear away his boxers.  He fondles the young cowboy

through his shorts as he tears, and when the last of his shorts are finally

cut off, his rock hard cock springs into view.  Then the masked

pervert steps back to admire the view, the young ranch hand naked,

erect and helpless, with terror in his eyes, wondering what will happen next.

The helpless ranch hand becomes rigid with fear, dread and disgust as

the masked man approaches and reaches for his cock.  He takes the

dick in hand and begins to stroke, and  the disgusted cowboy becomes

aroused in spite of himself.  The masked man enjoys the power he

has over the defenseless cowboy as he intends to make him to shoot a load.

The cowboy tries in vain to resist, but his breathing becomes more and

more labored, his body becomes rigid, his balls tighten and he shoots

a load all over the masked man's hand in spite of himself.  Then the

stranger leaves him in his restraints, filled with disgust and self loathing,

thinking things couldn't get worse, but there's more to come.
  Now finding himself tied face down on a saw horse, his legs open

and his asshole on display, the cowboy discovers that the worst is yet to come.

The masked man lubes his finger, rubs his puckered anus with the gel,

and inserts it into the cowboys virgin hole.  He grunts at the feeling of

this intrusion, but feels more humiliation than pain.  But the masked man

has other plans, and soon the poor cowboy is being fucked savagely

with a dildo on a pole, crying out in pain and humiliation.
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