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Kid Karisma vs Rocco

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DescriptionEvery once in a while, a wrestler comes out of nowhere and blazes across the sky like a meteor, or a shooting star. Kid Karisma, blessed with a ripped physique, energy, personality and wrestling skill to spare, is one of those blazing stars. He made an impression on everyone at BGEast in his debut, and the fans stood up and took notice of this Teutonic god-like young man with the impressive torso, sculpted arms and beauteous bulbous butt. Eager to please, eager to wrestle and immensely likable, this talented kid has a very bright future with BGEast. He'll wrestle anyone anywhere and in any style. He's eager and willing to learn more?and while time will tell whether his ego will also grow out of control, for now the Kid's a modest young man who just wants to be the best wrestler he can be and take on BG East's hottest and best. "Bring 'em on - all of 'em!"

The flip side of that coin is Rocco. The lean, multi-tattooed illustrated stud's journey at BGEast hasn't turned out the way he expected. Rocco came to BGEast convinced he was going to be a superstar - that his exotic beauty and quirky talents would awe and intimate his foes into submission! And he has done reasonably well - but not as well as his rather outsized ego demands! The addition of Kid Karisma to the roster and the attention he garners from all around just didn't sit well with Rocco. His jealousy seethed just below the surface and ultimately raged out of control at what he considers the 'preferential' treatment the Kid has gotten from everyone. He demanded a match, and Kid Karisma, intimidated by no one, was only too happy to oblige. The Boss knew something hot and potentially explosive was brewing here and so for this battle of testy young studs, he devised something special to showcase not only their talents and their bodies but their mutual interest, fascination and predilection for sexy wrestling attire: a GEAR WAR.What better gear to show off their physiques than singlets that grip their bodies like a second skin and tall soccer socks which do the same around ankles and calves? And the minute they meet on the mats, their growing dislike for each other becomes increasingly apparent as they jostle and shove each other around the mats, in that adrenalin inducing, testosterone testing clash of male egos. Rocco tries to get in some contemptuous slaps but the Kid is too fast for him, spinning around and taking Rocco down to the mat!

The two jostle around, taunting each other, testing each other, jockeying for control on the mat, one on top, then the other, until Rocco secures a tight and humiliating schoolboy pin on the Kid! Cocky and now convinced of his superiority and inevitability, Rocco starts taunting the Kid physically as well as verbally, and takes further control of the match! It doesn't look good for the sexy charismatic Kid as Rocco seems to have his number and the match well in hand - seemlessly moving from hold to hold, controlling the Kid with relative ease. But Kid Karisma is not a pushover, not by a long shot - nor are those power-packed, sharply defined muscles just for show! The mat struggle rages back and forth, until a nasty half-camel variation has the Kid surrendering yet again!

But defeat only inspires the fiery redhead to fight back harder - as Rocco soon learns! He doesn't mind losing - just not to Rocco! Now it's Kid K's turn to make Rocco scream as he puts the tattooed thug through a series of painful and humiliating holds - culminating in a vicious cross body scissors, a face-smoterhing humiliating schoolboy pin of his own, and some infuriating face slaps for added emphasis. Rocco screams out a submission - and the Kid triumphantly strips down his singlet straps to put a muscular exclamation point on that win! Rocco is reeling and The Kid is back in the game, big time!And now, for the fired up Kid, it's more than payback time - it's revenge and humiliation time! The war rages on, as the Kid pulls his own singlet down to reveal a jock that perfectly frames his magnificent derriere! He strips Rocco's singlet down as well, revealing Rocco's own provocative red jockstrap - but Rocco still has some tricks up his own sleeve - including stripping the Kid completely out of his singlet and rubbing the sweaty lycra fabric in his face! On the struggle goes, as the singlets come off and their skin becomes slick with sweat, each now even more determined to completely and utterly humiliate the other!

After knocking the Kid out with a sleeper, Rocco enforces the GearWar rules and forces the dazed Kid to remove his wrestling shoes. The Kid dutifully obliges but at the first opportunity he uses those wrestling shoes to choke and chump Rocco with them! Their gear, as The Boss has directed, is to be used as weapons on each other in whatever way the victor of the moment chooses! Rocco has opened the door for more. Singlets get wrapped around necks and wrists and rubbed into faces. On and on the struggle goes, and when the Kid takes an especially gratifying fall from Rocco with his spectacular over-ther knee cobra clutch payback's-a-bitch sleeper, he forces Rocco to ritually remove HIS wrestling shoes! Who peels who's socks off first becomes a symbolic struggle that leads to a phenomenal finale. As the two fight on in just jocks - it is now apparent someone is going to get the humiliation of his career - one from which he might not ever recover!

For those into sexy, aggressive mat action with a sharp focus on sexy gear and sweaty jocks, here' s a 54 minute mini-masterpiece for your delectation and consideration!
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