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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-03 |
I actually don't speak french although I wanna learn it, so if somebody could translate the descryption, I would appriciate it... ;)
Also I would appriciate even a little seed bonus... :)

Max LACOSTE est un pure bogosse de 21 ans, minet, dessin� et teub� 19 cm. Plus dominateur que soumis, il kiffe la baise a tout va. La queue toujours raide et les couilles pleines de jus, il enchaine les plans q et te les livre pour toi dans son premier film. D�couvre le 1er casting de Diego ANDREAS ou Max va devoir le tester pour savoir si oui ou non, il pourrait devenir acteur porno. Puis, un bon plan avec le beau DAVYS que l'on ne pr�sente plus, dans un entrepot d�saffect�. Des purs bogosses qui vont te mettre la bosse dans le boxer. D�couvre aussi le Brice FARMER 2010 muscl� et souriant lol qui va prendre le dessus sur MAX et le retourner comme une crepe et lui bourrer la bouche avec ses 20 cm. S'en suit une bonne tournante dans une cave d'Orl�ans, avec le beau Louane et Jess. De la baise derriere les barreaux et du Jus a tout va car Max et Louane sont des bons gicleurs. Enfin, le sexy Mathieu Lafitte en plombier qui vient chez Max pour des r�parations. Max n'en peut plus , il n'a pas bais� depuis 2 heures et c 'est limite le viol la ! Matthieu, pourtant que actif, va se faire d�foncer par Max.. ' Les plans Q hot de Max LACOSTE' c'est un pur film avec que des bogosses de Lorient, Marseille, Bordeaux, Orl�ans, c'est de la grosse bite, des scene de cul bien bandantes et marrantes. MAX LACOSTE est sans doute la r�v�lation 2010 Crunchboy !!! Mate vite le film complet de 90 minutes et viens te branler avec Max ! Tu kifferas.. un max bien sur ;-)

Translated by myrea:
Max LACOSTE is a handsome guy 21 yo, twinky, with a cock of 8 inches. More dominant tham submissive, he fucks at all steam. With an always raging hardon and balls filled with juice, he chains angles of cock just for you in this film.Find the first casting of Diego ANDREAS where Max is goint to test him out to be a yes or no,he might ever become a porn star.After, a great scen of beautyfull DAVYS that needs no presentation, on a dark corner. Handsome guys that want to slip the boss down the boxer.find also Brice FARMER 2010 muscled and smiling that is aiming at MAX and repay him like a crepe feeding MAX's mouth with his 9 in. Followed by an orgy in a cave in orleans, with hunky Louane and Jess. A fuck alongside the barrels of wine and juice where everything goes since Max and Louane want to play hard. Finnally, sexy Mathieu Lafitte in a plomber that goes to Max for "reparations". Max can't take it, he has not fuck in 2 hours and it's on the border of a rape! Matthieu, even if a top, is going to have is hole destroyed by Max.. ' Les plans Q hot de Max LACOSTE' ist's a pure movie with hunky dandsome guys from the orient, Marseille, Bordeaux, Orleans, it's all about huge cocks, and spunky raunchy scenes of fucking. MAX LACOSTE is with no doubt the 2010 Crunchboy revelation !!! See now quickly the 90 minutes film and cum masturbate with Max ! You'll fuck it... at maximun of course

Translated by  pareedave:
Max Lacoste is a total hunk - 21 years old, twink, well built and hung at 8in. More dom than sub, he loves to fuck hard. His cock is always stiff, his balls full of cum, in a series of hook-ups that he offers up to you for his first film. Watch Diego Andreas' first audition, in which Max puts him through his paces to see if he can make it as a porn star. Then a hot fuck with handsome Davys, no stranger to our fans, in an abandoned factory. Total studs who will make your shorts tent. You'll also see the all new Brice Farmer, all muscles and smiles, who will get the drop on max, flip him like a hotcake and stuff his mouth with his 9inches. After that, a gangbang in a wine cellar in Orleans, with handsome Louane and Jess. Fucking behind the barrels and cum spurting every which way, because Max and Louane shoot gallons. Finally, sexy Mathieu Lafitte plays a plumber who pays Max a housecall. Max can't take it anymore, he's gone over 2 hours without a fuck and comes close to raping the boy. "Max Lacoste's Hook-ups" is a great video with nothing but hot studs from Lorient, Marseilles, Bordeaux and Orleans - and with big dicks and steamy fun sex that will get you hard. Max Lacoste is no doubt the Crunchboy discovery of 2010. Hurry and watch the full 90 minute video and get off with Max. You'll love it... to the max of course
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