Sexual Sadist part 3

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Sexual Sadist
Part 3

Starring: Juan & Tyrone

With his balls still pulled by the weight, Juan is realizing the sexual play is getting more serious than he’d like, but Master Tyrone isn’t ready to let his boy free yet. “Please let me down!” Juan begs as Master Tyrone whips his slave’s torso with the flogger. “I’ll free you when I’m ready!” Tyrone shouts, smacking his boy with a wooden post. Then, Tyrone lifts the heavy weight, removing the tension on his boy’s balls. Juan is relieved, but only for a moment. When Tyrone drops the weight, the pain on Juan’s balls is nearly unbearable. Finally, after several more severe lashes, Juan is released from his binds, but only to be moved to the next bondage station.

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