[TIM] Sick Fucks Part 2 Scenes 4-8 Directors Cut mp4 1080p

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DescriptionWelcome to our heaven on earth, the universal brotherhood of mansex.
SICK FUCKS is a series of initiations pulled from bathhouses, motels and satanic halls. Our goal: to lay bare man's dark desires.

This is not your Grandfather's porn. Sit back, saddle up, and prepare to be changed. Look deep into this abyss and you’ll find your real Self staring back with a depraved grin on His face.
-- Pony Hunter 666

This is allegedly banned in the UK.

Scene 4 – Twisted Fuck

Watch JESSY KARSON fuck his latest victim, a kid named RYAN BRAVO.

JESSY fucks like a man possessed, and taking his sperm is a direct initiation into the MAN SEX CULT. Watch, stroke and when you shoot your load, pledge your body to the CULT.

Scene 5 - Birds and the Beez

We are men who worship men, our brothers are our lovers. Born with animal instinct, sex is our first language.

The sun was shining on this Sunday afternoon when these two brothers came over to play.

Get ready for 40 minutes of Psycho-Sexual ass play that you must to see to believe.

MURPHY and JACK DARLING, two of my favorite pigs in my big little play. Enjoy!!

Scene 6 - Alone with Mickey

We believe we should start breaking them in young.

Met MICKEY.  Hopeful with big dreams, this kid is really shooting for the stars.  MICKEY, still in high school, longs for sex with other men. Of course I agreed to meet him. 

Noble young men like MICKEY remind me that we still have so far to go. But this young man is well on his way.

Scene 7 – Demon Seed

“No longer shall man's salvation be dependent on his self-denial. And it will be known that the world of the flesh and the living shall be the greatest preparation for any and all eternal delights!” - Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible

Now, back to RYAN BRAVO. Already a victim of JESSY's POZ-seed, the little fucker tells me he has “No Limits”. We'll let you be the judge of that.

There is only one man for RYAN's final initiation into the cult of man sex…and nothing could have prepared him for ‘DEMON SEED’. RYAN’s desire is the desire of all manfuckers: we are told from the beginning that because of our love for other men, we are hated by some invisible God, that we deserve nothing less than the burning fires of a very real hell, to be cast away in eternal Darkness.

As we go deeper into this dangerous zone Ryan hears the whispered voice of LeVey, calling him into the Satanic depths of a man's soul. The possessed beast arrives and gives no mercy. He chokes and degrades him. The darkness is so strong, at times it feels claustrophobic. RYAN’s flesh begins to burn, as the madness within his fucker’s eyes grows stronger and stronger. It doesn’t take long for his rapist to release the Luciferian seed into his willing victim. Ava, Santana. RYAN feels the fire within him.

Beware: the more intense the darkness, the brighter the light. For all of my brothers: may your light burn bright and passionate.

Scene 8 – (Bonus) Adam Russo Fucks Jack

Starring: Jessy Karson, Ryan Bravo, Murphy, Jack Darling, Mickey, Adam Russo

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