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Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 finds Felix more relaxed and happier than he’s been in a long, long time. With Trip’s help, he’s learned to master his fantastic powers and has officially come to be known as NAKED JUSTICE. Now all of Britain — indeed the entire world — respects him as a true hero.

Naked Justice makes up for lost time by having sex with every male member of the Unrivaled Alliance he can, as often as he can. All seems to be going extremely well for the handsome red-headed crime fighter, but trouble is brewing.

In another part of London a mysterious new foe sets his vile plans into action. What is the grudge he holds against Naked Justice? One thing is for certain, this twisted villain won’t stop until Naked Justice has been crushed under his boot.

NJ’s new nemesis dispatches Vandal to kidnap Trip and set a trap for NJ and the other members of the Alliance. Vandal seems… strangely familiar and is matched power for power with Naked Justice. What tie could both men possibly have together?

Poor Trip tries to put up a fight but he is literally caught with his pants down by Vandal, who zaps the hunky leader, and then has his lusty, wild way with him.

While Naked Justice is away for a rather explicit full physical with the Unrivaled Alliance’s doctor, Glow Worm, Size King and Horsefly discover that Trip has been kidnapped. They head out to save him, knowing full well that they could be walking into a trap.

All hell breaks loose by the end of this issue as the mysterious villain reveals himself and Naked Justice faces his toughest challenge yet.

Written by Patrick Fillion
Art by Jacob Mott

Comics is 27 full color jpgs and one convenient pdf.


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