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Remember when sex was really good? Remember when you were really young, when you had just left home had moved to the city on your own, when you were suddenly free, when you were adventurous, when you were always horny and when sex came free and easy? Remember when sex wasn't a game, wasn't political, wasn't frightening, wasn't structured, wasn't role defined, wasn't a job, wasn't a movement, wasn't under a microscope, when it was spontaneous, was mutual, was actually fun? Remember when people had sex and smiled and laughed and even enjoyed it?

If you remember all of this, then "It's Raining Men", STUDIO 2000's first summer release is definitely for you. If you don't remember it, then you really need to get It's Raining Men and find out just how good real sex, without all the other crap, can really be. I think it was Andy Warhol who predicted that in our time everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. It's sad but true and fame is a fleeting thing. But think of what it would be like to have your name stolen by someone the minute you turned your back. That's what happened to the director of our July release; the guy we now call Rick Lawrence. Back in the late 80's and early 90's, as Richard Lawrence, Rick carved out quite a name and niche for himself with a series of warm, friendly stud puppy films with titles like The Devil and Danny Webster, Taking Care of Mike and Headbangers. These shows were very popular and Richard Lawrence became something of a name In XXX-rated porn. However, something happened with Rick and he dropped out of porn for a time.

Imagine his chagrin when, one day in the mid-90's, he opened a magazine to see an -ad for a less-than-top-of-the-line video credited to Richard Lawrence. Rick thought that he was Richard Lawrence. Obviously someone else did also. Rick was neither pleased nor complimented. Cut to the present. We're always on the lookout for a director whose view of things is a little different from our own. If variety is the spice of life, maybe our releases should reflect that variety. So when we heard that Richard Lawrence, the early, might be available to do a show for us, we jumped at the chance. It was a good match, as we both seemed to want to do something that would please and excite the market.

The hardest thing was picking a name for this very talented and creative director. We finally settled on Rick Lawrence--which is about as close to his original name as you can get. Anyway, we look forward to your reaction to Rick Lawrence's Itís Raining Men, our July release. It's a wonderful and varied collection of hot little stud puppies and more fun and excitement than a trip to a pet store. Imagine an apartment building filled with lusty young guys who think that sex really is better than bingo. These guys are so free of hang-ups that they don't need poppers, weed, beer, toys, leather, lace or even viagra, to have a really good sex time. Just put' em somewhere, turn'em loose and let' em go. Itís been so long since we've seen this kind of natural, uninhibited sex that it comes like the breath of clean air during a refreshing rain. A rainstorm of luscious young guys. The story is simple. It's about sex.

The plot is full bf big problems like studying for a sociology exam, getting through the rain, waiting until the boyfriend gets home, cooking dinner, and, mostly, how to do it when you run out of simple supplies. Borrowing a cup of sugar can be a bigger deal than the problems here. But what we get here is sweeter than sugar and much healthier. Four happy, joyful sex scenes with guys who like sex, each other and life in general.

The action begins when Corky Adams arrives at stud-puppy and newcomer Rod Barrett's door. He's soaking wet from the rain and has a bag of groceries for Rod. When Rod invites him into dry off, Corky excuses himself. He found something for himself at the market. What he found was Steffan Michaels, a foxy, cute Cubano with an ever-hard dick, smiling Latin charm, relentless piston pumping hips, and total expertise in how to do the bedroom tango. And its an all-whi contest as to who Is having the most fun: ass-pounding Steffan or ecstatic receiver Corky. Young Corky must really loved getting plowed for his climax is copious and, for a long while we thought it was going to be unending. You wouldn't think he had that much juice in him.

The combination of the textbook of sexuality and the moans and groans from the next apartment are very distracting--and stimulating. Rod finally has to set the book aside and give over to the need growing down below. Down go the pants; out comes a hard, healthy and handsome love muscle and fondling becomes caressing which turns into stroking which ends in pounding and joyous spurts of hot, creamy juices. Perfect timing.

A knock at the door. Its buddy Richie Fme who has a tight fit awaiting him upstairs but he's short of love gloves. Looking at Richie, at the cute guy who is equal parts waif and stud, you just know he's always a half beat behind. Luckily Rod is well-supplied and Richie is quickly off and running. Man, does this young guy have a dick. It's a long wedge that gets really thick and is always steely hard. And Zach Alexander loves it and he loves everything about it. When he has his Ups wrapped around it, you wonder where it goes in such a small mouth and face. When itís in Zach's ass you wonder where it goes in such a small trim pelvis. But the two boys know where it's going and, wherever that is, it brings total joy and endless pleasure. Two big dicks that are a joy to behold and, when Richie cuts loose with his big climax you'll think the resulting spray must be hooked up to the city water supply.

Ricky Price is all happy anticipation as he prepares to get pronged by Jake Armstrong's big, stiff love muscle. Imagine his distress when he can't find the lube-or an adequate substitute. It's good ol' Rod to the rescue once again. Rick doesn't even bother to dress as he runs down to Rod's apartment for the slick'um. That leads to an awkward moment or two but he does get the goo. Back upstairs, Rick Is momentarily thrown when he discovers Jake snoring but when he sees Jake's big boner, he knows that no one is going to be resting for awhile. Two big dicks begin plowing willing holes and the tensions build. Then Ricky climaxes with intense body-wracking spasms as Jake is fucking him . Then Jake pulls out and sprays him with joy juice. It doesn't cool him off at all. But it does calm him down.

Just about then, the storm bring a power failure and leaves Rod without anything to do. You can't study in the dark and you can't cook in the dark-and he's already jacked off. Just then he hears the front door open. In the dark, that can be scary but all is well as it Rod's boyfriend, Jay Strong, home from a hard day at the office. He's soaked and chilled so the. only thing for him is a hot bath-for two with wine and candles and romantic foreplay. Lucky for us, the lights come back on just in time for us to watch two beautiful men with voluptuous, perfectly proportioned and natural bodies enjoy one another as only lovers can. You can tell these guys all really like sex--and each other. You see it from the way they .play together, look at each other, watch each other and adjust to each other. Most of all you see it in the joy they get from their own and their partner's climaxes. It's so natural, you've got to love it. Outside it may be raining cats and dogs. Inside Itís Raining Men, good sex and very good tie.

1998, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio :  Studio 2000

Cast:  Rod Barrett, Jake Armstrong, Jay Strong, Richie Fine, Corky Adams, Ricky Price, Zack Alexander, Stefan Micheals

Director:  Rick Lawrence

Non-Sexual:  Haddie Chester

Producer:  Scott Masters

Apparently both a  soft-core and hard-core version were released.  This is hard-core.

[Studio 2000] It's Raining Men (1998)

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