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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-12-11 |
Jacob Slader aka Ethan Richards aka Jack Stocker is a real hot-blooded marine andwho's had a long career in pro porn and now appears as HungJarhead9X6 on XTube.

Holy shit but he's hot. Let's see, what to say about this handsome, hung fuck machine: He's aggressive as hell. He's fucks like an angry rabbit or a runaway jackhammer. He's got a natural dom attitude and is wonderfully verbal at times. And then there's that always hard schlong that never fails to satisfy his squealing bottom. So yeah, he's basically going to turn you into his pussy boi, whether you want it or not.

But you will want it.

He's shot a lot of very good condom scenes but I've skipped those. Instead, these are ALL BAREBACK scenes cut from full-length movies -- as well as most of his better clips on XTube where the lighting may suck but the sucking and fucking is hotter than ever.
Your creamy juices greatly appreciated!

Enjoy! xo Koality

In this Bare-Pack, scenes from:

HungJarhead9X6 (11 of his best XTube Clips)
American Cum Whole Rebels (Slut Machine)
Big Dick Rough Fuckers (Red Stag)
Insemination (with Alex Ryder, Spunk Video)
Blue Bailey's Christmas Breeding (with Blue Bailey, Slut Machine)
Built to Fuck (with Christian, Treasure Island)
Built to Fuck(with Luke Bennett,Treasure Island)
Thrill Ride (with Ian Jay, Slut Machine)
Choke Full Throttle (with Noah Foxxx, Slut Machine)
Choke Full Throttle (with Zel Miller, Slut Machine)
Some Like It Super Size (with Blake Daniels and AJ Long, Red Stag)

Full list:

HungJarhead9X6/Best Ass-to-Mouth Fuck Yet HungJarhead9.mp4 223.40 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Double Dippin_ Ass2Mouth Bareback Marine Fucks .mp4 71.56 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Smoke, Service and Seeding a Hole BB.mp4 68.30 MB
HungJarhead9X6/BB Pile Driver HungJarhead9x6.mp4 63.56 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Fucking Christian ..... again HungJarh.mp4 61.53 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Bareback Marine Cums Ass2Mouth HungJarh.mp4 54.91 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Gape Ass-to-Mouth Part One HungJarhead9.mp4 54.91 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Memorial Day Barebacking HungJarhead9x6.mp4 22.74 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Hung Inked Marine Bareback Fucking Hung.mp4 21.88 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Fucking Him Flat HungJarhead9x6.mp4 16.84 MB
HungJarhead9X6/Long Raw Strokes HungJarhead9x6.mp4 14.05 MB
American Cum Whore Rebels (Jacob Slader sc).mov 331.21 MB
Jacob, AJ Long + Blake Daniels (Some Like It Super Size).avi 260.01 MB
Jacob + Alex (Insemination sc).mov 203.92 MB
Jacob + Ian Jay (Thrill Ride).mp4 202.67 MB
Jacob + Blue Bailey (Blue Bailey's Christmas Breeding).mp4 169.37 MB
Big Dick Rough Fuckers 5.mp4 123.42 MB
Jacob + Noah Foxxx (Choke Full Throttle sc).mov 118.75 MB
Jacob + Zel Miller (Choke Full Throttle sc ).mov 98.17 MB
Jacob + Luke (Built To Fuck).mov 75.94 MB
Jacob + Christian (Built to Fuck sc).avi 50.00 MB

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