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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-26 |
Lic is the first of three hot new discoveries to join DefiantÂ’s ever-expanding stable of studs and to give in to his URGES with some of your favorite young reliable skater dudes in this new Defiant release.
Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Tapper and Lic

Lic is the first of three hot new discoveries to join Defiant’s ever-expanding stable of studs and to give in to his URGES with some of your favorite young reliable skater dudes in this new Defiant release. Lic has hooked up with Tapper, whose baby face and baby batter were so seductive to Matthew in Defiant’s ROCKETS 3: Duck and Cover and to Irish knockout Kieran in STRAIGHT GUYS HAVING FUN. This is a fun and relaxed hook up to watch. Lic seems very much at ease with Tapper. Who wouldn’t be? Everything about Tapper defines “laid back” and “cute,” except for his cock, which is always in obvious need of, well, tapping. As Tapper helpfully explains, his pal “Matthew was kind enough to leave us a little porn here, so . . .” Lic completes the thought, helpfully explaining that the boys are going to “try to spank
it or something.” And spank it they do. So will you. Or something. Lic, slightly hairy (in a good way) offers a somewhat more mature-looking contrast to Tapper’s irrepressible and smooth boyishness: he wears his wavy hair and trim goatee well. Both dudes wear jeans and t-shirts very well, but lose them as they settle into the spanking. Before the jeans come off, it’s fun to contrast jo styles during foreplay: Lic slides his hand right down his jeans to work up his boner, while Tapper prefers an outside-the-jeans rub. It’s also fun to listen to the casual commentary on Matthew’s straight porn: for example, “Damn, she’s gonna choke on it. . . . Insane shit . . . insane shit . . . Dude’s fuckin’ her mouth and everything. He must be on a lot of Viagra.” As things heat up between Tapper and Lac, and the camera captures all the fun beautifully, trust me, YOU won’t need any Viagra. When Lic claims never to have jacked off with another dude, Tapper says gently that he guesses that “there’s a first time for almost everything.” Even in this debut session, Lic seems extremely comfortable and confident. When the camera peers over his shoulder and zooms in on his cock, Lic observes proudly: “That’s pretty cool. I like the way that looks.” Lic’s slow and steady technique produces some sweet-looking precum. Tapper maintains more vigorous and rapid strokes: tap, tap, tap, tap. In this case, slow and steady wins the race. It’s Lic who is first to announce: “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum real quick.” And he does—impressively, as 7 or 8 thick and heavy spurts erupt well past his belly button. Tapper is impressed with the volume, but not the distance. “Not bad. Not bad,” Tapper allows grudgingly; adding good naturedly, “still can’t go as far as me though.” Given his pudding-like spurts, Lic seems unnecessarily apologetic: “I couldn’t. I was trying to hold it too long.” Tapper now gets REALLY serious about busting his nut, taking off his cap, obviously planning to splash his face and hair. He doesn’t, though he does spray a messy watery load that he insists outdistances his new jo bud: “still can’t beat a Tapper.” “I will next time,” Lic promises. Can’t wait for the re-match.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Matthew and Kent

Newbie Kent, dragging in his skateboard, joins one of Defiant’s master masturbators, Matthew, to jack off to some straight porn. “I’m all about the porn,” admits Matthew. You’ll be all about Kent. When Kent asks Matthew if he likes black girls, the response is straightforward: “ones that look like that. . . she’s got a hot little body.” So does Kent—have a hot little body, that is. The boys soon give each other a hand, and since both seem to be left-handed, the cross-over action is especially fun to watch. Soon enough, Kent invites Matthew to blow him. As Matthew obliges, and Kent leans back to be serviced, we have a chance to look closely at Kent, who turns out to be even better looking than you might have thought at first, with cool tattoos on both arms and legs. Kent also turns out to have a big and T-H-I-C-K cock, a cock that suits him so well that you could probably make the match in one of those “match the faces and cocks” games. Matthew, you may recall from Matthew Matters and several other recent appearances, has a more than respectable, sometimes downright formidable, tool of his own, which Kent soon blows. Matthew wants to 69, and as the boys slip into position for a classic 69 (with some mugging for the camera), there is lots of moaning, both on the porn they are watching and on the porn you are watching. Kent wants Matthew to lube up a dildo and fuck himself—“open it up so you can take my cock soon”—and Matthew is again happy to oblige, though he has some trouble at first. When Matthew kneels to try another insertion, Kent doesn’t miss a stroke on his own cock as he leans over to blow Matthew. You won’t miss a stroke either, as you notice that Kent has a wonderfully defined and toned skater bod. Kent is soon putting on a condom and talking to you: “You like that big cock? You gonna like it when I fuck him in the ass?” Answer: Yes, you will like it when Kent fucks Matthew in the ass. So will Matthew, who looks straight into the camera to assure you: “that feels soooo good.” Kent’s six-pack comes into full focus as he fucks Matthew. The camera gives us balls-eye views (both dudes have heavy sacks). After shifting positions to a side-fuck, Matthew announces that he’s going to cum, and releases an intense, if smallish load. Encouraged by Matthew (“Let’s see that big nut”), Kent finishes himself off on his back with some superb left-handed wrist action, shooting the kind of rocket blast that inspires Matthew to ad lib: “We have lift off.” We also have a new Defiant stud: Kent is fuckin’ HOT.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Lukas, Kenny and Timmy

Are you still up for a three-way with some old friends, especially if they happen to be three young and hot Defiant veterans? Kenny and Timmy are just “kickin’ it” with their pal Lukas. When Lukas goes to get a glass of ice water (“got my water; life is good”), Kenny and Timmy take the opportunity to confirm their intentions of sucking Lukas into their fun (so to speak). When Lukas returns, Kenny and Timmy question him about just what he was up to hanging out with the infamous Adam. Smirking, Lukas insists that he and Adam just chilled and shit.” But when Kenny and Timmy press Lukas harder, he admits freely that he’s messed around with guys “lots of times.” “Have you guys?” Lukas asks. “Sure.” Green lights all around. “Guess you wouldn’t mind if myself and Kenny here messed around,” Timmy says. “Do what you gotta do,” replies an understanding Lukas. “Goes right for it, doesn’t he?” Lukas adds, as Kenny slides to his knees to blow Lukas. While Kenny eagerly sucks Lukas’s fat, veiny cock, Timmy affectionately rubs his head. When Kenny turns his attention back to Timmy, who has pitched a huge and obvious tent in his boxers, Lukas good naturedly takes care of himself with both hands. Happy to be the middleman, Kenny blows Timmy while jacking Lukas, then blows Lukas while Timmy releases Kenny’s cock. Released, not-so-little Kenny is rewarded with a hand job from Lukas and a blowjob from Timmy. Nifty close-ups of Timmy servicing Kenny’s cock show us just how thick it really can get under ideal circumstances. When everybody has stripped completely, except for their white socks, there is lots of kissing and sucking. Timmy spews first—on Kenny’s chest, only to abandon his buddies to finish off themselves or each other. So Kenny and Lukas lube themselves up and jack. Lukas obviously enjoys watching Kenny very closely. Kenny lies on the couch; Lukas on the floor. Lukas splatters a pretty impressive load all over himself, feeds some of it to himself with his fingers, but, unlike Timmy, hangs around to help Kenny bust his nut. With Lukas gently tugging on his nuts, it’s not too long before Kenny splashes his own batter all over himself and licks some off his hand. On his way to the shower, Kenny pauses to show off his sperm bath (his own load and Timmy’s still coat his torso) and delivers a promise: “We didn’t do everything we wanted to do, but maybe next time we’ll finish it up.” Let’s hold them to it.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Tye and Collin

By now, you’ll be happy that, thanks to Joe Serna and Defiant, you have discovered Lic and Kent and their URGES. But you’ll be absolutely ecstatic to discover Collin in this session, easily worth the price of this tape or DVD. Ecstatic enough to call your friends and to write “thank you” notes to Joe Serna—that is, if you can manage to do either of those things with one of the best can’t-get-it-down hardons of your life. This assumes that you have a major thing for genuinely straight jocks with horny All-American FratBoy/CoverBoy looks, who are open-minded and self-assured enough to hook up for a session with an obvious twink faggot who’s eager to please them. Interestingly, Tye (our obvious twink faggot) at first doesn’t seem quite as eager to please Collin as you or I might be if he happened to be on our team or in our frat (maybe because he’s done some self-medicating to control his urges). We find Tye and Collin perched on Tye’s bed, with Collin rifling through Tye’s DVD porn collection, asking hopefully, “Got anything straight?” Fortunately, and no doubt for just this kind of opportunity to corrupt a straight stud, Tye is able to find a straight porno. From the start, as Tye moves in fast on Collin’s growing bulge, our favorite new straight boy rarely takes his sexy eyes off the porno. At Tye’s suggestion, Collin agreeably tugs off his shirt and his nylon sweats, looking awesome in bulging black boxer briefs, accented by a perfect natural trail. Tye gets more enthusiastic about blowing Collin’s growing jock cock, using his pierced tongue to good effect. Showing good sportsmanship and appreciation for good head, Collin gamely fingers Tye’s surprisingly soft but hardening cock. It turns out that Tye has the bigger cock, but our little bottom boy knows who is in charge here. And so do we. This is all about getting the new straight boy off. Tye slurps away and Collin’s heavy balls get heavier. Collin keeps his eyes glued to the porno as Tye sticks like glue to his cock. When Collins stands on the bed and leans against the wall and Tye gets on his knees to service him, we get a spectacular view of Collins’ perfect and natural frat jock physique, following a perfect and natural trail all the way down his lightly haired chest to his untrimmed bush. We also get the classic straight-dude-being-serviced pose: hand casually but firmly on the cocksucker’s bobbing head. Back on his back for more twink service, Collin’s straight eyes stay locked on the straight porn, while Tye’s mouth stays locked on Collin’s appreciatively hard cock. “I’m getting close,” Collin quietly announces. But when Tye stops sucking and jacking Collin’s cock, even the DVD can’t quite push Collin over the edge, so Tye helpfully goes back to work, providing more of the quality service he’s noted for. We notice that Collin is subtly arching his back to hump Tye’s mouth. “I’m gonna cum,” Collin again announces. “It’s okay, just let it cum,” Tye says encouragingly. Collin’s eyes go back and forth between the straight porn and his straight cock until he delivers an admittedly modest load that simply can’t mar his incredible Defiant debut. When Tye starts to eat some of our straight boy’s cum, Collin looks embarrassed (and mildly disgusted) and quickly looks away. YOU won’t look away. You’ll be even more hungry than Tye for straight boy cum. Still a good sport, Collin lubes up Tye and proceeds to try to jack him off, even spreading our twink’s legs further apart. One of the hottest moments of an extremely hot session cums when Collin suddenly spits on Tye’s cock and laughs. Unexpectedly, Collin now stares at Tye’s cock while jacking him off, as if anticipating an explosion. He even teases Tye and us by faking a move or two as if he might blow Tye. (For some of us it’s hotter when straight boys refuse to go that far than when they give into urges.) Collin lets Tye finish himself off, but lightly strokes the twink’s chest. “You alright there?” Collin asks, while Tye pounds himself furiously. There’s a nice shot of Collin looking over Tye’s cock toward the DVD. But our candidate for the good sportsmanship award offers to help Tye again, adding lube for a juicy and serious handjob. Finally, Tye spurts a very healthy nut, prompting Collin to ask, “Better?” And then, noting the generous volume of Tye’s load, “When was the last time you nutted, fool?” When Tye admits that he got off earlier in the day, Collin seems impressed: “Shiiiiit!” Before you press rewind to watch this session again and again, don’t miss the short but fun interview between the boys and the director. They talk about Tye’s surprisingly impressive cumshot, about the fact that both boys were going for their second nut of the day, and of course about Collin’s impressions of his first experience with a guy: “strange.” Strange, maybe, for Collin. But fucking hot for you and me.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Lukas and Jayden

Lukas returns to interrupt one of my favorite horny Defiant dudes, Jayden. Jayden, dragging his skateboard up the steps, has just started warming up to his porno when Lukas shows up. This is a hot pairing: innocent-looking, but always horny, Jayden, with his fresh face and his longish hair in something of a boyish mop and unrestrained by cap or hat, makes a nice contrast to the goateed Lukas, who shows up with his hair spiked and an edgy, punky and spunky look. Strategically placing some lube on the floor between them, both dudes begin by working up their boners through their pants. Jayden is the first to strip off his shirt, but Lukas is first to release his cock. Neither dude has ever looked better and the camera offers lots of loving close-ups, before zooming in on Jayden’s phat F-A-T cock and Lukas’s very solid cock with its perfectly flared helmet head. Lukas, understandably, keeps eyeing Jayden’s cock. We get to watch some experts jack off and to compare their contrasting styles: Lukas favors a more aggressive powerful stroke. Lukas has an especially confident 2-handed technique that he alternates with a purposeful left-handed pump. “This video’s pretty good,” Jayden announces, “ I think I’m gonna be able to cum in a couple of minutes.” Yes it is. Me, too. But, hey, no rush, dude. (That’s what you’ll be thinking.) When Jayden says he is in fact ready to cum, Lukas invites him to cum all over him. Jayden seems in no hurry, but after watching more of the porno, kneels over his pal and cums all over him. This causes Lukas to explode in a messy and noisy load, which he cannot resist eating. Although Jayden pays no attention to the explosion, he does survey the damage: “damn, you made a mess everywhere.” The boys talk about eating cum. Then the director jumps in with a few questions. (Q: how long has Lukas been building up that explosive load? A: 3 days.) The director also alerts us that Jayden has been making some more home movies. While you wait for those productions, try to take care of your immediate urges with the final scene of this production.

Defiant Productions Defiant Productions: URGES, Joe Serna, Tapper Blaze, Lic, Matthew Matters, Kent Stryker, Lukas, Timmy Tucker, Tye, Collin, Jayden
Matthew and Tye

After a recent haircut (he looks surprisingly different with short and longish hair), Matthew has his big cock out for another jack off session, but tucks it away when he hears Tye arrive. No need. “You wanna play a little?” “Hell yeah.” When Tye seems to complain about Matthew’s choice of porn (straight), Matthew shuts him up by bending over to suck his meaty cock. When Tye, in turn, bends over to suck Matthew’s equally meaty cock, Matthew exclaims that it “feels fantastic.” Tye does such a good job that Matthew declares: “Now THAT’s how a dick should be sucked.” Matthew makes a lot of faces and gives a lot of directions. The camera zooms in to capture as much of the action as possible for the home viewer.
When the boys move into the next room, Tye leans back on a chest of drawers, while Matthew drops to his knees to blow him. Tye doesn’t miss his opportunity to direct: “don’t be afraid to deep throat that thing.”
Matthew’s not afraid. But after some noisy slurping the boys trade places: “Suck it, man,” directs Matthew. “Feels so good.” Increasingly expressive in every way, Matthew adds: “I like it when you suck it and stroke it at the same time. I like the feeling of your hand and mouth.” Now THERE’s a surprise!
Tye has done good work: when Matthew stands up to lube his cock before fucking Tye, his cock looks massive. Bending Tye over the chest of drawers, Matthew tries to fuck him. “Such a tight asshole,” he praises. “Yeah,” says Tye, “I’d like to keep it that way.” “It’s so tight I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my cock in there.” “O, we’ll get it in,” Tye assures him. And they do. Tye flips over onto his back and we get up-close-and-personal seats for the penetration. Matthew gets super hard and slams it home, delivering a major league fuck, with Tye’s white-socked feet waving in the air. “I’m gonna nut,” Tye warns. And he does, delivering 2 or 3 heavy streams of skater spooge. Tye keeps jacking, tells Matthew to fuck him even harder, and repeatedly tastes his own cum, even feeding some to Matthew. After some close-ups of ass slamming, Matthew strips off his condom, stands over Tye and delivers easily the most massive load of this video. 8 or 9 rivers of cum pour out all over Tye’s face and chest. “I’m gonna have to shovel it into your mouth,” Matthew tells Tye. He does. He also licks up some for himself and the boys exchange some sloppy kisses. (Not currently available from Hershey.) Matthew delivers the final punch line: “Sharing is
a good thing,” Yes it is. So, what are you waiting for? Share these URGES with all your friends. Now.
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