Don't Ask, Don't Tell (MSR Release)

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DescriptionFrom TLA Description: Review - I gotta tell ya, I was ready to give Don't Ask, Don't Tell! a "Four Star" rating after the first scene alone - it had me revved up like you wouldn't believe. The oral rape of Tuck Johnson by Thom Barron that opens the film is totally ferocious and rightly copped the 2001 GayVN Award for Best Oral Scene (it will still be remember years from now). Even the acting in this manfest rocked my cock off. That, and the fact that all the sweat you see onscreen is real. There are several reasons we're yapping so loudly about this terrific flick.
One: You gotta love the fact that this was released on November 7, 2000: Erection - uh...Election Day. Timely and nasty. Screw Gore and Bush. (On second thought - don’t.) This is real deal here.
Two: It's Cole Tucker's final performance (so he claims), and the guy's gonna be missed. He goes out with a snarling animalistic bang here, and turns in a true "performance" as a closeted Colonel (a la Jack Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men which this is structured around - without the closeted part of course. Insert Tom Cruise joke here).
Three: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and call Don't Ask, Don't Tell! not only Tony Alizzi's best flick yet, but quite possibly one of the year's 10 best. It's that good.

A quick overview: Real performances from the entire cast (most notably from Cole and Jason Branch, as the prosecuting Lieutenant), double-oral penetrations, deep throating in the real sense (lots of choking and gagging can been seen and heard), thick and heavy facial cumshots, more spitting than at a Neo-Nazi rally, slobberings, rape, older daddy-types reaming the crap out of young smooth dudes, a group-fuck finale that is astonishing (lots of jock sniffing and sleazy goings on), and one of the most intense docking and foreskin-chewing scenes I've come across (between Blake, Matt and Chad).

There's much more, so I have but one suggestion: Just trust me and get it now.    -- Keeneye Reeves

Joe Gage

Starring: Dean Flynn, Kai Grant, Andrew Justice, Tyler Kane, David Korben, Jason Reynolds, Justin Riddick, Mason Wyler, Damien Crosse

Release Date: 2000
Runtime: 115 minutes
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frame rate: 25 f/s
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