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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-08-24 |
Culled from the Sean The Artist Archive - interesting photos/scans of original sketch books etc
with occasional written comments/instructions in Sean's hand.
Most pdfs have a complete story included.

Dick Darling.pdf 151.04 MB
Boy Boy.pdf 136.44 MB
BIFF One .pdf 127.36 MB
Johnny Guitar.pdf 67.93 MB
In The Line Of Duty.pdf 61.97 MB
Hard Hat Sex.pdf 42.88 MB
Trixie La Tour.pdf 30.74 MB
Big Foot And A Half.pdf 27.35 MB
Shooters Of The Deep.pdf 27.33 MB
Hard As Steel.pdf 26.63 MB
Magnum.pdf 26.47 MB
Swim Meat.pdf 24.99 MB
Visitation Rites.pdf 24.82 MB
Tunnel Of Lust.pdf 24.37 MB
Tony & Trent.pdf 24.09 MB
Snow Blow.pdf 24.06 MB
Stud Wars.pdf 23.89 MB
Dune Buggers.pdf 23.84 MB
Sky High And Hard.pdf 23.75 MB
The Buddies And The Bastards.pdf 23.74 MB
Bang Bangers.pdf 23.72 MB
Olympricks.pdf 23.58 MB
Drilled Deep.pdf 23.52 MB
Four In Hand.pdf 23.31 MB
Rapid Shooters.pdf 23.24 MB
Pledge Watchers.pdf 23.22 MB
Cadet Club.pdf 22.81 MB
Working The Shaft.pdf 22.65 MB
On The Set.pdf 19.76 MB
Biff Bound bits.pdf 18.72 MB
Prison Camp.pdf 17.67 MB
Biff Bound .pdf 1.97 MB

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