Zack Tied & Tickled at TickleFest-2000 - Parts 5 & 6

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DescriptionPt. 5
Chad has moved Zack from the bed and tied him up in an armchair where he starts in on Zacks ticklish feet with his fingertips. Next, while seated on an ottoman, he treats Zack to the pleasure of having an electric vibrator applied to his feet, upper thighs and tenderloins to which Zack cries: Not there, not there; ccome on stop! After that, Chad moves to a more advantageous position behind the armchair where he can better access Zacks armpits. Need we tell you what comes next? After that Chad moves back and forth from Zacks armpits to his toes keeping him fully entertained for the rest of the scene.

Pt. 6
Still tied up to the armchair, Zack implores Chad not to tickle his armpits because: Theyre too ticklish! Now is that an invitation or what? Needless to say, Chad goes right into Zacks armpits and gets him on a roll that lasts for quite a spell. Well, he asked for it, didnt he? Now for a change of pace, Chad moves Zack back to the bed where he hog ties him on his tummy so that his feet are sticking straight up where they can receive the attention that they deserve and get! Breaking new ground, Chad discovers that a light touch along Zacks arched back produces some very satisfying laughter. And rolling Zack from side to side produces an excellent opportunity for Chad to visit his fingertips into Zacks ribs that get him howling with laughter. A few close-ups of Zacks feet being tickled follow as the scene ends with a tour de force of superlative tickling of Zacks ribs. You can tell from the desperate sound of his laughter that Chads really getting to him where it tickles the worst!
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