Spencer Jones aka Cody Sky aka Richie Black Pack

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DescriptionSpencer Jones is a country boy through and through.
You can almost picture him riding out on the open roads of Montana,
throwing a ball around with his friends and leading a carefree life.
About eight months ago he decided to beef up and hit the gym hard
and his transformation has been incredible. I wish we had some before
and after pics to share but really, as hot as he is who needs to see
the before. At six foot one this smooth muscular jock
has a lean yet chiseled frame. He's a total blond jock stud
with a neatly trimmed patch of blond pubes that perfectly frames
a nice thick cock. His strong tattooed arms flex as he works it,
getting himself off as only he knows how. He flips over
and gives you a great view of his delicious ass for a while
before returning to his aching hard on. Finally,
when you're at your own bursting point
he shoots his load all over his six pack abs.

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