SH/BF Guys Whose Names Begin With K - Straight Hell / Breeder Fucker

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DescriptionKasper, Kevin 2015, Kevin 2008, Khaled, Kieren, Kirk, Kristjan and Kyle!  Have been cleaning up these files, replacing dodgy ones, finding missing ones as much as possible to complete sets and organizing them alphabetically.  Kasper looks like the kind of waiter you might get in Istanbul and you kind of wonder what might be under that black suit and white shirt - he's tormented and trained.  Kevin 2015 is a bit older and an interesting guy but yikes - they bind his cock and balls with chopsticks and then use a urethral stopper on him, and everything in between.  Younger Kevin from 2008 get puppy trained and by the end is seems an excellent cock sucker.  Khaled is a blonde middle aged guy who seems not to have seen the unimaginable ways he's tormented coming at him.  Something about Kieren is attractive, and not least it's the pitiful faces and cries for help that he makes.  Kirk is a young black athlete taken cruelly taken advantage of.  Wide eyed Kristjan is one of the youngest of the SHBF guys, crying real tears, and they go at him for 7 whole sessions, plus a pre and post interview (the latter is particularly fun as he shows his striped ass). 

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Thanks to the original posters here and elsewhere, and to the posters of other things that I have liked!  Seedpoints always appreciated as it lets me share my favourites. 

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