Chat Rules!

No asking/begging for invites - Top

Anyone who begs public in our chat for invitation get's banned. This also happens when you ask people in chat privat for invitation

No links to other Porn sites in the Chat - Top

You may post links to other sites in the chat,

but please do not post links to other porn- or torrent sites in the chat rooms

No aggressive behavior or flaming in the chat rooms - Top

This rule should be self-explanatory for our adult members.

No language other than English in the general chat rooms (except for those which are especially marked otherwise) - Top

On our site the general language is English
So it is in our general chat room

All ops on the site speak/understand English, so you can get help and support in this language whenever an operator is available.

We also provide support in the German language, please join #deutsch.

We can create chat rooms for other languages too if there is demand for support in that language and there is an operator available for this support language.

No systematic foul language - Top

Try to impress not only the ops with civilized adult behavior/language.

Foul language will not do that. This rule implies but is not limited to the often mentioned 4-letter words.

You will get a polite request to watch your language, after that you will be kicked out of / banned from the chat room.

Most likely time for a quick(er) answer: 4-11pm CET (10am-5pm EST) on weekdays, almost 24/7 on weekends - Top

We try to set up a lot of mods so that the chat rooms are manned with ops 24/7.

Alas due to our limited manpower in the mod-/op-department we are not always able to do so. Please think about the facts:

All our mods are volunteers who do their tasks in their spare time, mod work isn't a paid job; all of our mods are real people that have a life too, as human beings, they have to sleep once in a while, as well as most of them are used to having a meal at least once a day (some of them even want to go on vacation).

Come in, say hello or ask your questions and WAIT - Top

If you enter a chat room just say hello or some other greeting to the people, which already are in that chat room (as you would do when you enter another room as the polite guy you are.

If the chat room is empty (no other users are there):
If you have a question for an operator, just ask your question.

Then please wait (but not only 5 seconds, have a bit patience).

Most of the time, the operators (which are moderators on too) are working on the site and have a chat window open at the same time. If you type something, the ops get a hint there is activity in the chat and finish what they are doing at that time and come into the chat as soon as possible.

Depending on their actual task that may take a minute or two. Please give them a bit of time too, so they can fully concentrate on the chat and your problem.

This way you and the op can be pleased.

Never private an op, ask first - Top

In IRC there is also the possibility to have a private one on one chat. That is a good place to chat with an op about things you do not want discuss publicly, like account details.

But please keep in mind: Don't do that, until the op has given you permission to do so, else you will be ignored (at least), kicked, or even banned and your questions will never be answered in the chat.

Don't be scared when someone greets you - Top

Sometimes an op is actually in a chat room, when you enter. He'll then see you enter and greet you (hi or so) to show you he is active and listening to your request.

Not only say rehi but ask your question or, if you're up to some chit-chat, start the chat. Don't get scared by his greeting and quit. Even if you just want to have a look, just say so before you quit the chat.

This way you help us ops to maintain our chores as well as giving support in the chat.

Glossary of chat-term - Top

IRC Internet Relay Chat
Channel or Chat room A topic centered place, where people with interest in that topic can talk with each other. But look at the topic, getting off topic will likely get you kicked or banned.
op operator (someone to look for the rules in that chat room). You can recognize an op by the sign before his name:

~<nickname> or
&<nickname> or
@<nickname> operator
+<nickname> "voiced" user in a moderated chatroom
<nickname> normal user in a chat room
kick a method, to give a "kick" so you get out of the chat room.
If it's done by another user without a serious reason (flaming) will probably get him kicked too.
If its done by an op, think about, why he could have done that and adhere to this warning. If you don't, you are likely to get the next step of a warning:
ban This bans you from a chat room for a limited time or forever.
By a ban from a chat room you are not allowed to enter this chatroom again. After a kick you can enter the chat room immediately.

By a ban in a chat room you are not banned from completely but only from the chat/this chat room.

Frequently Used Abbreviations Or Text-Smilies - Top

In the times of dial up modems, and small monitors. People came up with a new form of shorthand to make chatting easier. They used abbreviations, and different keys to make chatting faster and give it a little fun. Here is a short list of the most used abbreviations

You can read a more extensive list on on Wikipedia
Abbr. for  
AFAIK As Far As I Know  
AFK Away From Keyboard  
ASAP As Soon As Possible  
BBL / BRB Be Back Later / Be Right Back  
BTW By The Way  
CSG Chuckle Snicker Grin  
CYA/CU See You (Seeya)  
CYAL8R See You Later (Seeyalata)  
FYI For Your Information  
FWIW For What It's Worth  
GMTA Great Minds Think Alike  
GTSY Glad To See You  
H&K Hug and Kiss  
HTH Hope this helps  
IGP I Gotta Pee  
IIRC If I Recall Correctly  
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion  
IMO In My Opinion  
IMCO In My Considered Opinion  
IMHO In My Humble Opinion  
IOW In Other Words  
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off  
L8R Later  
L8R G8R Later Gater  
LHM Lord Help Me  
LHO Laughing Head Off  
LHU Lord Help Us  
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off  
LOL Laugh Out Loud  
MOM A Moment  
PITA Pain in The Ass  
PLS Please  
PVT/PRV Privat  
ROF/ROTF Rolling On The Floor  
ROFL/ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing  
ROTFLMAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass off  
TY / THX Thank You / Thanks  
WB Welcome Back